Skyward Sword HD Gratitude Crystals Guide

There are a total of 80 shiny Gratitude Crystals to get your hands on in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD and they are used as an exclusive currency to trade with Batreaux.

Not entirely essential to successfully completing the game, Gratitude Crystals can still be pretty useful as a means of saving a few Rupees here and there as you'll be rewarded with some nice free upgrades for your wallet. Heart piece hunters will also want to collect at least ten crystals during their playthrough — a feat you should manage to achieve almost by accident — as Batreaux will reward you with one for gifting him this amount.

Fifteen of the game's total available Gratitude Crystals can be found at night in and around Skyloft and a few other locations in the sky and the other 65 are doled out for completing a handful of side quests. Remember, Gratitude Crystals won't appear you've completed the Finding Kukiel side quest, so you'll want to do that first.

One final note, a couple of Gratitude Crystals will require the use of the Clawshots to reach and another will need you to have access to your Beetle tool.

Let's get crystal hunting!

Finding Kukiel

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The side quest you'll need to have completed in order to kickstart your crystal collecting. As soon as you're done placing the Ruby Tablet fragment in the Chamber of the Goddess you'll wander outside to be met by Wryna, Kukiel's mother. Wryna explains that her daughter is missing, she's dreadfully worried and wants you to ask around and look for her.

You'll want to make your way directly to Skyloft Plaza at this point and speak to Parrow and then wander nearby to find his daughter Orielle, who'll tell you there's a rumour that a monster is stalking the graveyard. Now head on out to Pumpkin Landing to speak to an old man there who'll confirm that he has seen a monster and that in order to get into its hideout you'll need to whack the headstone nearest the tree in the graveyard before pushing it to deactivate the door lock.

Once you've returned to Skyloft and done this you can head into the storehouse area, down a ladder and along a wooden platform to find Kukiel and the monster, Batreaux. Thankfully for Kukiel, it turns out Batreaux is quite a sweet monster, not interested in harming her at all. Batreaux then explains that he needs Gratitude Crystals in order to transform into a human so he can live in peace. You can now get on with collecting crystals!

Gratitude Crystal Locations

This first crystal is located in plain sight in Link's Bedroom on his side table.

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Crystal 2 - Pumpkin Patch

Crystal number two is sat behind the tree in the large pumpkin patch to the east of Skyloft.

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Crystal 3 - Parrow and Orielle's House

Grab this shiny sucker from Parrow and Orielle's house which is located just south beside the Bazaar.

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Crystal 4 - Near the Bazaar

Just northwest of the Bazaar there is a little ledge to drop down to a lower level. Walk along here and you'll see the crystal shining clearly on the hidden walkway.

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Crystal 5 - Entrance to Skyloft Knight Academy

This one is an easy find at the upper Entrance to Skyloft's Knight Academy, sat just inside the door behind a potted plant.

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Crystal 6 - Waterfall Cave Network

Make your way through the waterfall cave network until you find the exit with the Bird Statue. Your crystal is waiting for you there.

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Crystal 7- Alcove in the Waterfall Cave Network

Again through the waterfall cave all the way to the point where you freed your Loftwing from captivity. There's now a crystal sat waiting in this empty alcove.

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Crystal 8 - Sparring Hall

In the Sparring Hall look up to the rafters and you'll see a crystal hiding. You'll need the Beetle tool to grab it.

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Crystal 9 - Beedle's Airshop

Hop aboard Beedle's Airshop, jump into his bed and sleep until night. When you wake up stroll outside to find a crystal lodged in the propellers of the Airshop!

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Crystal 10 - Top of the Waterfall Rocks

Make your way up to the top of the waterfall cave network of rocks on the east side of Skyloft by using your Clawshots to grapple between vines. Once at the very top you'll see this crystal sat waiting by the water.

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Crystal 11 - Skyloft Knight Academy (Zelda's Room)

You'll need to get up onto the roof of the Knight's Academy, use your clawhooks to grapple up to the chimney and then drop down into Zelda's room to nab this next crystal.

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Crystal 12 - Pumpkin Landing

Grab this next crystal from the pumpkin shed around the back of Pumpkin Landing.

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Crystal 13 - The Lumpy Pumpkin

Another Pumpkin Landing crystal, this one is located on the second floor of the Lumpy Pumpkin.

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Crystal 14 - Landmass Near the Knight Academy

Just off the edge of a cliff south of the Knight Academy, if you look out to the west you'll see this one shining up at you from a tiny landmass that can be reached via some vines.

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Crystal 15 - Tower of Light

This one's easy to grab at the second floor of the Tower of Light in Skyloft Plaza.

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Gratitude Crystal Side Quests

The rest of the available Gratitude Crystals are dished out in generous amounts by completing twelve side quests — one of which was Finding Kukiel — so let's take a look at the eleven remaining quests you need to look out for, their prerequisites and where you can find them.

We've also purposefully only provided you with detail enough to get each mission started here as to not ruin too much of your fun but it should, as always, be noted that there are still some mild spoilers ahead.

The Unwanted Admirer

This quest involves a romantic connection with Peatrice at the Item Check in the Bazaar. Check in with her over time and Peatrice's dialogue will change; however, it will only change when you've slept in a bed and passed in-game time so make sure you do this and get back to her a couple of times during your adventure in order to wrap this one up. You can also just brute force it by talking to her, sleeping, rinsing and repeating, but it's a short enough quest and you'll pass enough in-game time and visit her enough naturally that this quest should reach its conclusion without any real extra effort on your part.

Orielle's Injured Loftwing

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This one is kicked off by speaking to Orielle's brother, Parrow, who you'll find wandering around in the plaza at Skyloft.

Mallara's Dusty House

Note: You'll need to have grabbed the Gust Bellows by completing the Lanayru Mining Facility dungeon in order to complete this quest.

Head to the houses in the lower right-hand corner of Skyloft to find Mallara and Pipit's house. Speak with Mallara and she'll explain her dust problem!

Fledge's Confidence

Note: You'll need to gain access to the stamina potion by completing Lanayru Mining Facility in order to complete this quest.

Speak with Fledge in his room in the Knight Academy at night to kickstart this short side quest.

This quest also gains you access to Fledge's mini-game.

Dodoh's Party Wheel

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Note: You'll need to have repaired Scrapper in order to undertake this quest.

Get over to Fun Fun Island once you've got Scrapper the robot fixed up and you'll find a thoroughly miserable Dodoh who's lost his party wheel and needs your help to get it back.

This quest will also give you access to Dodoh's mini-game.

Cawlin's Love Letter

Note: You'll need to have defeated The Imprisoned for the first time in order to access this quest.

In order to get this quest underway, you'll need to go the Bazaar after defeating The Imprisoned, speak with Dovos and then head over to the Knight Academy and speak with Henya in the kitchen to get the ball rolling.

Bertie's Missing Rattle

Note: You'll need to have obtained the Clawshots to undertake this side quest.

Go see Bertie and Luv in their house at night to get this short quest underway.

Kina's Pumpkin Harvest

Note: Defeat The Imprisoned for a second time and collect at least ten heart pieces in order to access this side quest.

Speak to Kina at her pumpkin patch at the Lumpy Pumpkin to activate this one.

Sparrot's Crystal Ball

Note: Defeat The Imprisoned for a second time to access this quest.

If you visit the Bazaar after your second battle with The Imprisoned, you'll notice that crazy-eyed fortune teller, Sparrot, has gone AWOL. Speak to some of the nearby characters and then head over to Sparrot's house - east side of Skyloft - to get things moving with this quest.

Beedle's Horned Colossus Beetle

Note: Defeat Bilocyte to activate this side quest.

Once you've defeated Bilocyte go speak with Strich on Bug Island and then go see Beedle at his Airshop where he'll explain his problem to you.

Instructor Owlan's Request

Note: Complete Faron the Water Dragon's Song of the Hero section to gain access to this quest.

Go speak with Instructor Owlan at his room in the Knight Academy to get things moving with this side quest.

Batreaux's Rewards

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Finally, let's take a look at the complete list of rewards you can expect to grab from Batreaux in exchange for all of your hard-earned Gratitude Crystals.

  • 5 Crystals - Medium Wallet
  • 10 Crystals - Piece of Heart
  • 30 Crystals - Big Wallet
  • 30 Crystals - Cursed Medal (this optional item will be in a chest beside Batreaux once you hand in 30 crystals)
  • 40 Crystals - Gold Rupee
  • 50 Crystals - Giant Wallet
  • 70 Crystals - 2 Gold Rupees
  • 80 Crystals - Tycoon Wallet

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