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The big bad boss of Lanayru Mining Facility, this snippy snappy stinger looks it really means business with its thick armour, massive claws and pointy tail. Moldarach may look mean alright, but with the right strategy, you'll have this wannabe Scorpion King beaten in no time.

Let's take a look at how to knock the stuffing out of boss number three.

Phase One

Moldarach bursts out of the sand dramatically to get this fight started and immediately begins to slowly move in your direction with both of its pincers primed to take a nasty swipe at Link. When these pincers open you'll notice they contain weak points in the form of eyes that Link needs to slash in order to inflict damage.

Once again this fight is all about lining your sword slashes up to counter the direction in which Moldarach is holding his pincers. The easiest way to go about this part of the battle is to choose one pincer, lock onto it and focus on damaging it until it falls off, then move on to the next one.

As you slash at Moldarach's weak spots they will occasionally turn red, which is the signal for you to immediately jump back as much as you can to avoid his incoming attack, a lunge that grabs hold of Link. If you do fall foul of this attack, stay calm and wiggle your Joy-cons around to break free.

Once you've taken out both of his pincers, which shouldn't really take too long, Moldarach will move on to the next phase of the battle.

Phase Two

Moldarach has now decided to hide under the sand in the arena and you can see the surface displace slightly as the creature moves beneath you, indicating where you should focus blowing the sand away with your Gust Bellows.

You want to uncover Moldarach as quickly as you can here in order to draw him back to the surface and not give him time to launch a nasty surprise attack from his hiding spot. Once you've uncovered him you need to get right up close and thrust attack at the eye that's now been revealed on his face. Is that...do scorpions have faces?

You need to stab this front eye a good few times during this phase of the battle and as you do so you'll need to watch out for a sweeping attack from his tail, it's well signalled so you should see it coming and be able to dodge out of the way pretty easily. Moldarach will also send out lots of tiny little Aracha scorpions to bother you but these are easily blown away by your Gust Bellows or taken out with a quick sword strike.

Every time you've successfully jabbed Moldarach's eye during this phase he'll disappear back down into the sand where you'll need to uncover him again and, once you've done this the requisite number of times, this snappy fiend will finally succumb to his fate.

But wait!

Slightly later in the game, once you've reached the Lanayru Mining Facility, you'll happen upon another Moldarach. Luckily this fight is played out in exactly the same manner as the one above, and we actually reckon the second creature is a weaker version of the first, so just employ the strategy we've detailed here and you should once again emerge victorious against this angry arachnid and be on your way in no time. Hooray!

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