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Taking place in the Thunderhead region of The Sky, this fantastical air-based battle sees you charged with defeating a nasty parasite who's taken over Levias and is controlling his mind and body, which is actually really rude because Levias had just ordered a delicious serving of hot pumpkin soup from the Lumpy Pumpkin and it's gonna go cold. Not on our watch!

There are two distinct phases to this fight in Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, and by employing the following strategy, you should be able to rescue Levias from his creepy captor and get him back to his delicious meal in no time.

Phase One

Things kick off here with you riding your Crimson Loftwing into battle with the aim of purging four giant eyeballs from the sides of Levias' body by using a spiral charge attack you've just learned from Instructor Owlan. This phase of the battle can be a little on the frustrating side as you try to line yourself up to make a successful strike on each eyeball - there's a lot of jostling around going on - but stay patient, avoid crashing into Levias' armoured body and you'll eventually manage to pop all four of your targets, at which point you need to drop off your Loftwing and dive down onto the flat section of Levias in order to get on with the next phase.

You should note here that if you are running low on health before entering phase two you can drop down to a little island directly below where this scrap is taking place in order to grab a bunch of hearts to restore yourself!

Phase Two

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Now that you're down on terra not-quite-so-ferma, you're going to come face to face with the grotesquery that is Bilocyte. Emerging up and out of Levias' blowhole, this great big nasty jerk is now going to attempt to spit his parasitic germs at you in great big green gooey balls. Luckily these balls are easily deflected back from whence they came and all you need to do here is deflect them off to the left and right in order to destroy the frills of eyeballs on either side of Bilocyte's rotten head.

Once you've caused sufficient damage to both frills, Bilocyte will slump down and give you a chance to attack his weak point which, once again, is a giant eyeball. Take note that you'll need to smash this eyeball with a charged strike here before following up with a furious bevvy of normal blows.

When Bilocyte recovers from this he's going to get back to spitting balls at you but this time he'll move his head from side to side in an attempt to dodge your deflections. Just watch carefully and you can read which side he's likely to go for, smash balls of goo at him until he goes down again, get in to strike his eye some more and he should, finally, go down for good, releasing his grip on Levias and shrivelling up to die. Congratulations, you've beaten Bilocyte, freed Levias and looked absolutely amazing whilst doing so. Now...where's that soup gone?

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