NES Controller Joy-Con

One of the perks of being signed up to Nintendo Switch Online is that it grants you access to a library of classic NES games playable on your shiny, modern console. Making the deal even sweeter, Nintendo has also released a pair of special NES-style controllers that can be used with your Switch to make these games feel super-authentic.

For the most part, the NES controllers are just like the Switch's SNES and N64 controllers (in that they're perfect for playing their respective games and are designed to look and feel just like the originals), although the NES controllers are extra special as they can also double up as Joy-Con. Yes, they can even be slotted onto the side of the Switch!

Below, we've shared more details on Nintendo Switch's NES controllers, as well as the all-important links you need to grab a pair for yourself.

Where To Buy Nintendo Switch NES Controllers

The NES controllers for Switch are exclusive to Nintendo's own stores, and can only be purchased by those who are signed up to Nintendo Switch Online. You'll need to sign in to Nintendo's website with an account that has an active subscription before the 'add to basket' option appears.

Strangely enough, they also sometimes appear on Nintendo's Amazon stores in the UK and US. It's worth checking there if Nintendo's out of stock at the links below.

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NES Controller Joy-Con
The NES controllers come in a pair, so you can play all your Switch Online NES games with a friend!

Do I need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription in order to buy the Switch's NES controllers?

Unfortunately, yes. The NES controllers, which come in a pack of two are available to purchase exclusively for Nintendo Account holders with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. The same deal also applies to the SNES, N64 and Sega Genesis controllers.

That'll need to be a proper subscription, too — you can't get them if you're enrolled on the free trial version, so make sure you have an active subscription before heading to the links provided above.

Are the Switch NES controllers identical to the originals?

While not truly identical – they're wireless, for a start – the NES controllers designed for Switch share many similarities with the originals and were naturally heavily inspired by the classic pads. Here's a detailed look at the Nintendo Switch NES controller to give you a better idea:

Switch NES Controllers

If you've landed on this page and found that the controllers are out of stock, don't worry – the NES controllers do seem to be restocked fairly regularly. Keep trying!

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