Now that Super NES games have finally dropped on Switch for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, you'll probably be wanting to play them with the controller they were designed for. Fortunately, Nintendo also announced that wireless Super NES controllers are available to purchase by anybody signed up to Nintendo's online service. These new Super NES pads are of the same lineage as the NES pair that released alongside the service one year ago, and despite the fact we've got the originals, the SNES Classic Mini replicas and an assortment of 8Bitdo third party versions already, we can't wait to get our hands on these new-old SNES controllers.

Below we've answered a few questions regarding the new pads, their features, how much they cost and where you can get hold of them.

When can I get these Super NES pads, and how much do they cost?

The new Super NES controller is now up for order on Nintendo of America's website, although at the time of writing it's 'currently unavailable' and asks you to check back later. Orders began shipping on 18th September. The corresponding pages on the Nintendo UK website which went live on 30th September and are also sold out at the moment.

Each pad costs £26.99, plus £8.90 shipping in the UK, and $29.99 in the US. Being Switch Online exclusives, the official Nintendo site in your region is the only place to buy them new.

Both sites also mention that purchases are limited to four per account holder.


Are these Super NES controllers identical to the originals?

The pads retain the size, shape and feel of the originals but add the convenience of wireless connectivity, so you're not tethered to the console and forced to sit 3 feet from your 65-inch 4K telly. Unlike the NES versions which featured a rail along the top and connected to your Switch directly for charging (and enabled you to create this alluring eyesore), the Super NES pads are charged via USB-C cable. Less fun, perhaps, but a railing to snap them onto your Switch would have got in the way of the shoulder buttons.

SNES Pad Switch
The new Super NES controller for Switch.

These new versions also include tiny 'ZR' and 'ZL' buttons on the top which further extend their usefulness for Switch games outside the Super Nintendo library offerings. Each region will get its specific version of the pad from back in the day: North America gets the two-tone button version with concave 'X' and 'Y' buttons while Europe gets the multicoloured Super Famicom-alike variant.

Do I need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription in order to buy the Super NES controller?

Unfortunately, yes. The NES controllers, which came in a pack of two, were (and still are, in fact) available to purchase exclusively for Nintendo Account holders with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription and it's the same deal with the SNES versions. That'll need to be a proper subscription, too - you can't get them if you're enrolled on the free trial version. On the plus side, these Super Nintendo pads can be purchased individually.

The American variant on the left, European on the right. 'sness' and 'snez' pads, then.

Do I need a Super NES controller to play SNES games with Nintendo Switch Online?

No! It's important to note that these pads are in no way required to enjoy your Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online games (breathe!) on your Switch - your Joy-Con or Pro Controller will function perfectly well for playing classics like Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past and F-Zero. These are optional extras that simply offer a more 'authentic' feel for enthusiasts and nostalgia addicts. They do feel particularly lovely in the hands, though.

Should I get an extra controller and trade it with an online pal across the pond?

Yes. Yes, you should. Could you really sleep at night if you didn't have the other regional variant with the super-cool concave 'X' and 'Y' buttons/coloured buttons?

Got any questions about the wireless Super Nintendo controllers for Switch? Share them below and we'll do our best to answer them!