Best Nintendo Games By System
Image: Nintendo Life

Welcome to our guide hub for the best Nintendo games ever made, as ranked by Nintendo Life readers!

Below you'll find our top 50 lists covering the best games for every Nintendo system, including both home and handheld consoles. Every one of the lists here — excluding the Virtual Boy, of which we personally ranked the entire library of 22 games — has been compiled according to Nintendo Life readers' User Ratings for each game.

These rankings are dynamic and update in real time according to those User Ratings. Any game on our database is eligible once it meets the minimum threshold number of ratings, which varies from list to list. For details on how to rate games, whether they are on the relevant list or not (yet), please find instructions in the introduction to each guide.

So, come on us now on a journey through time and space, from 1985 (or '83 in Japan) to the present day...

Best Nintendo Games By System - From NES To Switch

The following top 50 lists appear in chronological order of each console's launch date. Enjoy!

And as a little bonus: