Metroid Dread Where To Go After You Get The Varia Suit
Image: Nintendo Life

Once you've got hold of your Varia Suit you're going to need to head right back to Cataria where we've got another upgrade and a boss battle awaiting us.

From the location where you just grabbed your suit, head right through the door below the statue room and into the heated area where you need to shoot out some beam blocks on the right hand side of the floor and continue making your way down until you're in the area with the interactive device that you just escaped from.

Keep making your way down through this area, there's only one real route through, and you'll eventually drop down a chute which lands you right at a recharge station sitting above the red teleporter that we used earlier. Hop back in this device and we're on our way back to Cataris.

Back in Cataris we've got a short trip south to face off against a boss. In the map below you can see our current location, and we are headed for the heated area you can see to the south.

Metroid Dread Artaria Map
Image: Nintendo Life

Make your way right and through the tunnel into this heated area and just keep heading down. Parry the rock creatures for an easy kill, shoot out any walls you come up against to clear and path and keep on pushing forwards, there's no way to get lost down here. Eventually you'll come to a boss door, parry it and enter the area where you'll drop down and come face to face with your old pal, Kraid.

If you need any help beating him, you can check out our Kraid boss strategy and, once he's dead, exit the arena using the magnet pad above your head to enter a statue room and claim the Diffusion Beam. Well done!

Need help with where to go next once you've got the Diffusion Beam? We've got a guide for that!

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