Metroid Dread What To Do When You Arrive In Burenia
Image: Nintendo Life

Now that we've arrived in Burenia for the first time we're going to head out to the left from the shuttle area where we arrived, following the route you can see on the maps we've provided below. As you make your way here you'll notice plenty of grapple beam blocks and, more importantly, pressure sensitive doors that are preventing us from deviating much from the path we're taking to the south.

Pass through the network station, have a chat with Adam, your ship's AI, and then continue to head south, where you'll come across a save station. Save your game and move on ahead following the direction in our maps below. Eventually you'll come to a pressure sensitive door which you can't pass, and below it you'll notice a red missile door. This door is where we want to get ourselves to.

In order to do so we keep on headed south and into the water. We want to get right to the bottom here and then head right, jump up a few platforms and roll into a tunnel to emerge into an area with a charge beam door. Open the charge beam door and you're back out onto the platforms you just climbed, but head up above the door to the ledge below a teleporter that's currently out of reach, and you can shoot the wall to reveal a tunnel.

Roll on through this tunnel then head directly up the way and you should find yourself stood at the red missile door we spotted a little ways back. Shoot that sucker open and step inside to net yourself your next ability, Flash Shift. Good job! Now you can get through pressure sensitive doors.

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