Metroid Dread Red Chozo Soldier Boss
Image: Nintendo Life

You'll encounter this red variation on the Chozo Soldier on your return trip to Artaria once you've gained the Gravity Suit.

This guy carries a lance just like his earlier counterpart, but this time he also has a large shield and some different black goo attacks to hit you with. Let's take a look at how best to take him down!

Metroid Dread Red Chozo Soldier Boss Guide Strategy

Red Chozo Soldier: Phase One

The first thing we want to do as a matter of urgency is get rid of our foe's great big shield and to do so we need to lock on and hit it roughly three or four times with a barrage of Storm Missiles.

You should be able to do this pretty easily as the attacks he's using at this stage are the same as the Chozo Soldier we fought earlier, a dash attack and a wall jump attack that plunges into the ground. Use plenty of dodging to keep your distance, charge up your Storm Missiles and get rid of that shield.

Metroid Dread Red Chozo Soldier Boss 2
Image: Nintendo Life

Red Chozo Soldier: Phase Two

Now that the shield is gone we keep hammering away with as many missiles as possible and watch out for our enemy starting to use more powerful goo attacks where he'll jump up, attach himself to the wall and spew a stream of black gunk in your direction.

Bait this attack and move at the last second so he misses and you can get in some shots. He'll also do a plunging attack here that sends out a ripple of goo across the floor, so prepare to jump that one.

Metroid Dread Red Chozo Soldier Boss 1
Image: Nintendo Life

Keep firing off missiles and dodging these attacks and you'll soon enter the same cutscene we saw with the first Chozo Soldier, where you need to time two parries in order to end this guy's life. Well done!

Note that you will face this very same foe again later in the game, so remember these tips to secure victory once again!

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