Metroid Dread Chozo Soldier Boss Battle
Image: Nintendo Life

A tough variant on the Robot Chozo Soldiers we've fought already in Metroid Dread, this big guy is pretty fast-moving, wields a long lance and does some nasty attacks that can cause a lot of damage quickly. Get your attacks right though and he's not too hard to take down. Let's have a look!

Metroid Dread Chozo Soldier Boss Battle

Chozo Soldier: Phase One

This battle takes place on Elun, the game's 7th area. Once you initiate the fight after a brief cutscene, get stuck right in blasting him with your Plasma Beam. You need to watch out for his charge attacks, which are easy to get away from by jumping up and dodging to his other side.

Blast away at him and he'll then take to the air to grab a side of the arena and then come crashing down with his lance. As soon as he starts to come down, zeroed in on your position, dodge quickly away as far as you can, then continue with the Plasma Beam.

Eventually he'll get hurt and a cutscene will play where he gets very angry.

Metroid Dread Chozo Soldier Boss Battle 1
Image: Nintendo Life

Chozo Soldier: Phase Two

Now that he's raging he's going to move that little bit faster but the only thing you really need to note in this second phase is that his air attack now sends out little ripples of black goo when he hits the ground, which will mess you up, so once you dodge out of the way of the initial impact prepare to jump over the goo.

Continue blasting away and you'll soon get another cutscene, this time requiring you to input two very quick parries in order to finish him off. Miss a parry and you'll be back to shooting briefly before getting another chance. It shouldn't take you too long before you nail it and make this guy wish he'd stayed home today!

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