Metroid Dread Twin Robot Chozo Soldier
Image: Nintendo Life

Well now. This Metroid Dread boss encounter takes the regular Robot Chozo Soldier who you've already encountered and destroyed and makes it a delightful pair.

These two soldiers have the exact same moveset we've seen already: two fast dashes, one a fiery red affair that needs to be avoided at all costs and a white glowing one that needs to be countered where possible for ammo and health restocks. There's also the same array of charged blaster and regular blaster fire all of which is pretty easy to dodge.

Metroid Dread Twin Robot Chozo Soldier Boss Battle Strategy

Metroid Dread Twin Robot Chozo Soldier 1
Image: Nintendo Life

The best way to go about this fight is simply to divide and conquer. You can find yourself triggering the battle from either the left or right entrance of the arena depending on how you've reached it and in both cases what you want to do is immediately prepare on a platform to one side, charging up your Storm Missiles and waiting for the soldier nearest to drop from their starting platform down to your side so you get a big barrage of missiles in to kick things off.

From here you should then continue to focus on that one soldier where possible, charged barrages of Storm Missiles work best here and just a few of these with a counter of that white charge attack will see your enemy defeated. Once you've taken one down, this fight becomes pretty simple with a single soldier no match for your missile power at this point.

Metroid Dread Twin Robot Chozo Soldier 2
Image: Nintendo Life

Remember to use the entire arena to your advantage, there's lots of space to move away and prep those missiles if you stay calm, never get boxed in to the bottom areas with both soldiers and just keep moving and dodging, getting your shots in and you'll quite shortly have these two put to bed.

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