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Image: Kate Gray / Nintendo Life

Be honest: You're here because you got a quest that requires way too much Clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley, and you've either never even seen the stuff, or you've only got a small handful of it, right?

Well, whatever the reason you need a ton of Clay, we've got you covered. Here's how to get a ton of it in a short amount of time!

Clay Farming Guide

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Image: Kate Gray / Nintendo Life

First off, Clay is found by digging in certain places — very specific places, that is. To maximise how much Clay you can get in a session, here are the steps you should follow:

Step One: Make a friend

You'll need a friend to help you out with all your digging. Not for moral support, but to find extra Clay, of course! Get one of the village characters to Level 2 friendship to choose their specialty — and make sure to pick Digging. This means that the character will increase the number of materials you find while digging, which is exactly what we want.

For an extra bonus, we highly recommend getting this character to at least Level 8 friendship, which you can do by asking them to hang out with you while you plant and water crops, go fishing, foraging, and mining, or by giving them gifts over and over again.

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Image: Kate Gray / Nintendo Life

Once you're friended up, make sure they're with you and then...

Step Two: Unlock the Glade of Trust

Spend 5,000 Dreamlight to unlock the Glade of Trust, if you haven't already.

You can get quite a lot of Dreamlight by completing the daily tasks, which refill as you do them. They're usually relatively easy, like picking fruit, cooking meals, or talking to villagers.

If you can't afford the Glade of Trust, you can also dig in the Sunlit Plateau, but the Glade of Trust is cheaper and we found it better for digging long lines of holes.

Step Three: Clear a space

Open up the Furniture menu and get rid of every tree, bush, and plant in a large area of the Glade of Trust. You can put them back later — they're just stored in your Furniture inventory for now.

Exit the Furniture menu and get your character to pull up all the wild plants and Night Thorns, too.

The bigger the area, the more digging you can do!

Step Four: Get digging

Our method was to dig in a long line, which you can do by lining yourself up and holding down the "Dig" button to just keep digging holes until you reach an obstacle. As you dig, Clay and Soil will fly out of the holes, and hopefully, your friend will also be finding some as well.

Take breaks every now and again to collect all these materials, because if you don't, the sparkly auto-collect will wear off and you'll have to pick them up, one by one, manually.

When you reach the end of a line of holes, go across to the next line, and repeat.

We recommend putting on a TV show or something while you do this, because it is mundane.

Step Five: Use the Furniture Trick to fill in the holes

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Get Clay 2
Image: Kate Gray / Nintendo Life

If you want to keep repeating the digging, eventually you'll have to do something about all those holes so you can start over.

Now, you don't have to do this. We managed to gather almost 200 Clay just by digging four long lines of holes, and there was plenty more room to keep going. But if you find the holes unsightly, or if you really need a lot of Clay, you can use this trick to get rid of holes quickly, without having to fill them all in yourself.

Just open the Furniture menu, get a big piece of furniture like an L-shaped couch, and place it over the holes. Do this for all the holes with as much furniture as you have. Save and exit the Furniture menu, and the couch will fill in the holes. You can then go back into the Furniture menu to grab all your couches again, and check if there are any leftover holes. Easy!

Step Six: Unlock the Lion's Claw Shovel Upgrade and dig up bones (optional)

As part of Scar's quests, you'll be able to unlock a shovel upgrade that lets you dig up the Wildebeest Bones in Sunlit Plateau. These will drop small amounts of clay each.


We managed to get almost 200 Clay with this method in about 30 minutes, plus a whole bunch of soil, and two friendship levels with our pal Kristoff, who was helping us dig. Nice!

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