Regular sales have become a welcome fixture on the Nintendo Switch eShop and there are huge numbers of cheap and discounted Switch games available at any given time. With so much choice it can be tough to know exactly is worth your hard-earned cash and precious time, and Nintendo of Europe is currently running a massive Festive Offers sale with over 1000 games discounted.

Never fear — Nintendo Life is here to help you sort the wheat from the chaff! Here we choose our favourite cheap Switch games in the Switch eShop sales so you can be sure you're getting a great deal on a great game.

What do we mean by 'best cheap Switch games' exactly? We're thinking anything discounted to around £10/10€ or under (GBP and EUR prices will obviously differ and sometimes won't reflect the same percentage discount). In addition to the best cheap Switch games, we'll also highlight a ridiculously cheap eShop game or two — we're talking Switch games under a quid — which may be worth investigating for a few pennies, if only for a half hour or so.

So, let's have a look at this week's best deals on the Switch eShop.

The Best Cheap Games On The Nintendo Switch eShop

Here's our pick of the best deals for cheap games on the Switch eShop right now:

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected (Switch)

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected (Switch)Saints Row IV: Re-Elected (Switch)
Publisher: Koch Media / Developer: Volition
Release Date: 27th Mar 2020 (USA) / 27th Mar 2020 (UK/EU)

93% off - was £34.99 / 39,99€, now £2.44 / 2,79€ until 30th Dec 2021

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected fares far better than its predecessor on Switch, with better performance, minimal input lag and a refreshingly solid output in handheld mode. Its gunplay is always going to be messy and its unashamed sense of humour will undoubtedly offend some, but having such an activity-rich experience running so well on your handheld console isn’t to be sniffed at. And with so much extra content available in the Re-Elected package, Switch players have another long-term investment on their hands.

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Dragon Ball FighterZ (Switch)

Dragon Ball FighterZ (Switch)Dragon Ball FighterZ (Switch)
Publisher: Bandai Namco / Developer: Arc System Works
Release Date: 28th Sep 2018 (USA) / 28th Sep 2018 (UK/EU)

84% off - was £49.99 / 59,99€, now £7.99 / 9,59€ until 30th Dec 2021

Dragon Ball FighterZ on the Switch is, simply put, the one of the best fighting games we've seen on the system. Arc System Works went the extra mile in capturing the essence of the source material and distilled it into an incredible brawler that has lost nothing in the transition to Nintendo's hybrid console. The stunning visuals, intense action and easy-to-master controls make FighterZ a game all fans of the genre should have in their library. If you only play this kind of game casually, it remains a must-own.

Blasphemous (Switch eShop)

Blasphemous (Switch eShop)Blasphemous (Switch eShop)
Publisher: Team17 / Developer: The Game Kitchen
Release Date: 10th Sep 2019 (USA) / 10th Sep 2019 (UK/EU)

75% off - was £19.99 / 24,99€, now £4.99 / 6,24€ until 6th Jan 2022

Blasphemous is a beautifully crafted Soulslike/Metroidvania action game set in a delightfully unhinged, deliriously gory world filled with well-designed enemies, satisfyingly meaty combat and some truly memorable and grotesque boss battles. Platforming sections are uniformly well-crafted and the whole thing comes together to create one of the most visually arresting and solidly enjoyable action titles currently available on Switch. Spanish developer The Game Kitchen created a nightmare world in Cvstodia, one that will truly test your combat and platforming skills and leave you begging for more come that final bloody battle.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Deluxe Edition (Switch)

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Deluxe Edition (Switch)One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Deluxe Edition (Switch)
Publisher: Bandai Namco / Developer: Omega Force
Release Date: 10th May 2018 (USA) / 11th May 2018 (UK/EU)

84% off - was £54.99 / 59,99€, now £8.79 / 9,59€ until 30th Dec 2021

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Deluxe Edition is a wonderful example of a licensed adaptation doing just about everything right; if you’ve ever read or watched One Piece and thought "this would make a great video game!”, this is that game. While it doesn’t spend nearly enough time on its story beats to fully immerse new players into its world, we’d still recommend it even if you’re new to the Straw Hat Crew — there’s plenty of rollicking fun to be had throwing elbows (and swords, and staves, and…) with Luffy and co., and longtime readers will have a blast revisiting their earliest days. A recommended romp for One Piece and Warriors fans alike.

Moving Out (Switch)

Moving Out (Switch)Moving Out (Switch)
Publisher: Team17 / Developer: SMG Studio
Release Date: 28th Apr 2020 (USA) / 28th Apr 2020 (UK/EU)

67% off - was £19.99 / 24,99€, now £4.99 / 6,24€ until 6th Jan 2022

Played with the mindset of having old-fashioned fun rather than pushing your gaming skills to their limits, Moving Out has quite a lot to offer. It looks good, sounds good and plays well; it's just a shame there isn't a little bit more to get your teeth into. It's a lot of fun causing chaos with friends – throwing toasters through windows or trying to balance that last lampshade on the back of an over-stocked removal truck – but it's just not resonant enough as a co-operative experience to stick in your mind. A very good effort, but in our view, just too slight to be a lasting classic.

Risk of Rain 2 (Switch eShop)

Risk of Rain 2 (Switch eShop)Risk of Rain 2 (Switch eShop)
Publisher: Gearbox Publishing / Developer: Hopoo Games
Release Date: 30th Aug 2019 (USA) / 30th Aug 2019 (UK/EU)

75% off - was £19.99 / 24,99€, now £4.99 / 6,24€ until 30th Dec 2021

Risk of Rain 2 proves to be an exceptionally well-designed take on the gameplay that made its predecessor popular. The transition to 3D gameplay has been pulled off flawlessly, and the sheer diversity of gameplay options combined with the strong online multiplayer ensure that this is one you'll keep coming back to for quite some time. Some frustrating navigational issues and the poorly optimized UI blemished the game a little at launch, but those matters aside, if you're in the market for a quality 3D roguelike action title for your Switch, Risk of Rain 2 is one of the finest purchases you can make.

God Eater 3 (Switch)

God Eater 3 (Switch)God Eater 3 (Switch)
Publisher: Bandai Namco / Developer: Bandai Namco
Release Date: 12th Jul 2019 (USA) / 12th Jul 2019 (UK/EU)

84% off - was £49.99 / 59,99€, now £7.99 / 9,59€ until 30th Dec 2021

While God Eater 3 has taken a bit of a knock in the visuals department, it’s a sacrifice that’s more than worth it for mostly consistent performance and a steady frame rate. The inclusion of local co-op is a real boon for Nintendo Switch owners and with all the updates and patches included, you’re arguably getting a version as good as those on PC and PS4. If you’re longing for an alternative to Monster Hunter for some reason, this is your next port of call.

This War of Mine Complete Edition (Switch)

This War of Mine Complete Edition (Switch)This War of Mine Complete Edition (Switch)
Publisher: Deep Silver / Developer: 11 Bit Studios
Release Date: 27th Nov 2018 (USA) / 27th Nov 2018 (UK/EU)

91% off - was £35.99 / 39,99€, now £3.23 / 3,59€ until 2nd Jan 2022

This War of Mine remains an affecting survival experience on Switch and this edition is a comprehensive package. A couple of minor technical issues do little to diminish its power and, although the lack of touch controls is odd, sleep mode is a winner for squeezing in a few days as-and-when you can. Switch arguably helps make this downbeat game as accessible as possible, though there’s little point in double-dipping if you’ve tried it elsewhere. It deserves to be played in whatever form you can find it, though, and is therefore a very welcome addition to Switch’s diverse catalogue.

Sid Meier's Civilization VI (Switch)

Sid Meier's Civilization VI (Switch)Sid Meier's Civilization VI (Switch)
Publisher: 2K Games / Developer: Firaxis Games
Release Date: 16th Nov 2018 (USA) / 16th Nov 2018 (UK/EU)

70% off - was £24.99 / 29,99€, now £7.49 / 8,99€ until 12th Jan 2022

If you think Civilization peaked at IV, the sixth entry won’t change your mind, but we envy anyone who’s never played the series – Civilization VI on Switch is a brilliant introduction. Watching — and influencing — how the world unfolds is as addictive as ever, and the boon of portability makes this a great way to play. Lack of online play is an obvious disappointment, but the core game works fantastically well on the handheld and we had an absolute blast; take our advice and get stuck in. Also, give Phillip II a wide berth – true to his word, he’ll get your wealth one way or another!

The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition (Switch eShop)

The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition (Switch eShop)The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition (Switch eShop)
Publisher: Devolver Digital / Developer: Croteam
Release Date: 10th Dec 2019 (USA) / 10th Dec 2019 (UK/EU)

80% off - was £26.99 / 29,99€, now £5.39 / 5,99€ until 30th Dec 2021

Croteam, the creators of The Talos Principle, were previously known primarily for their silly (but fun) Serious Sam titles. The Talos Principle shows a remarkable maturity and depth of scope that's perhaps surprising, but in a very good way. It poses interesting questions, allows the player to progress at their own pace — mostly in a non-linear fashion — and is a hugely satisfying piece of game design. Utterly entrancing and highly recommended.

And with eShop games plummeting to mere pennies, here's our pick for a super cheap game (or two) that is more than worth the memory space on your Switch...

Oxenfree (Switch eShop)

Oxenfree (Switch eShop)Oxenfree (Switch eShop)
Publisher: Night School Studio / Developer: Night School Studio
Release Date: 6th Oct 2017 (USA) / 6th Oct 2017 (UK/EU)

90% off - was £8.99 / 9,99€, now £0.89 / 0,99€ until 30th Dec 2021

A genuinely creepy creation, Oxenfree combines a clever story and smart dialogue mechanics with superbly sinister music to leave a deep and lasting impression on the player, one that should encourage an all-important second playthrough. Fans of Stranger Things and Poltergeist will love the direction this game takes – if not to hell and back, exactly, then absolutely to some other place where horrors abound, just waiting for an invitation into our world. It’s yet another Switch essential. MD

Urban Flow (Switch eShop)

Urban Flow (Switch eShop)Urban Flow (Switch eShop)
Publisher: Baltoro Games / Developer: Baltoro Games
Release Date: 26th Jun 2020 (USA) / 26th Jun 2020 (UK/EU)

93% off - was £13.49 / 14,99€, now £0.89 / 0,99€ until 29th Dec 2021

Urban Flow's title isn't a misnomer; the gameplay is as smooth as the graphics and once the pieces are in place you shouldn't have any trouble getting your head around its Zen-like trafffic-directing gameplay. Accessibility has been rather masterfully welded to a relatively complex, punishing task, here. We dare say it might be difficult to think of your own ventures out into the city centre the same way ever again. After all, Urban Flow will quickly make you an expert at directing traffic — if only real people would pay attention!

Keep an eye on this page as we cycle in new bargains. If money's no object, be sure to check out our list of the Best Nintendo Switch games, period. In the meantime, happy gaming!