Perils And Pitfalls Animal Crossing New Horizons

Veterans of the the Animal Crossing series may be wondering where to find Pitfall Seeds in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, or even if they're in the game at all.

Well, we're pleased to confirm that the nuisance item is present and correct in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Switch. Below we will give a quick overview of what Pitfall Seeds are, how we stumbled on them and how you use them to get Nook Miles.

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What are Pitfall Seeds?

Pitfall Seeds are items you can bury in holes which cause you or your villagers to fall into a concealed hole and get temporarily stuck in it. Don't worry - tapping 'A' repeatedly enables you to wriggle out of your predicament, but it can still be quite a surprise.

The presence of a Pitfall Seed is indicated by a familiar telltale crack on the ground - the same one which signals there's a fossil or other buried treasure waiting to be dug up with your shovel.

These nuisance seeds make for great pranks when it comes to trapping your villagers or other players living on your island, although in previous games digging one up while you were desperately seeking fossils to complete your Museum collection was a bit of a drag after the novelty wore off.

Fortunately, it seems that Pitfall Seeds are a little less common in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but they are still available if you really want them, any you'll get Nook Miles for using them.

How do you get Pitfall Seeds in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

It seems that the DIY recipe for Pitfall Seeds can be obtained in a variety of ways (balloons, bottles on the beach, etc), although we were given the DIY recipe for Pitfall Seeds by one of our villagers:

Kid Cat Pitfall Seed Animal Crossing New Horizons

Once you're in possession of the Pitfall Seed DIY recipe, you'll need the following materials to craft them:

  • x4 clump of weeds
  • x6 tree branches
Pitfall DIY Recipe Animal Crossing New Horizons

Armed with this recipe you'll be able to irritate everyone who lives in your village by digging holes, burying the seed and waiting. Devious! Just watch out that you remember where you buried them.

There are Nook Miles associated with Pitfall Seeds, so even if you're hoist by your own petard, there are still benefits.

Self Own Pitfall Seed Animal Crossing New Horizons

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