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Victor Ireland is deeply involved with Sunsoft's return, and it sounds like there are some very big plans in the works. Mr. Ireland is currently very active in the NeoGAF thread detailing the company's return, and he's dropping all sorts of hints. Here's the info that has been pulled thus far.

"The next press release should definitely make some gamers very, very happy - especially old-school Working Designs fans." - Victor Ireland

"I will say that I recommended a specific course of action in one area (we're dealing with many areas in this Sunsoft resurgence), and Yoshida-san essentially said, "I like where you're headed. I'll see your and go all in ". I was literally stunned to hear how far he went with what I recommended. I'm pretty sure you, especially, will be as well." - Victor Ireland

  • Albert Odyssey patent has been refreshed this year, complete with new logo
  • Blaster Master VC will be updated from the original, and comes with easter eggs/surprises
  • Mr. Ireland says players will be rewarded for finishing Blaster Master
  • Another press release for multiple titles is due out next Friday, for a title that is set to surprise people
  • the week after next, another press release will come detailing more company plans

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Wow, this sounds really exciting! If they are going all out and bringing us an updated version of Blaster Master with bonus content then I am definitely all for it! I just hope the game itself is not comprised in any way. Since they are going all out on this game then it might just end up being a Christmas release after all.

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