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So nintendo life picked the top 50 gamecube games. I think PN03 should have been in it

some of my Favourite games
Rick dangerous ( zx spectrum )
Battletoads ( game boy )
Tomb raider ( play station )
Speed freaks ( play station )
Wario ware ( game boy advance )
Advance wars ( gameboy advance )
Eternal darkness ( gamecube )

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@Ninfan Maybe, maybe not. I like it too, and I still own it, but it is a very niche type of game, so I'd imagine not many people voted for it. Personally, I would have sooner expected to see 1080 Avalanche and Wave Race Blue Storm in there, so imagine my surprise when these were somehow also missing from this list.

But all in all, I still thought it was a pretty good list, and it only goes to show you that the GameCube actually did have quite a few great titles. But as with all top 50 or top whatever lists, they can obviously never make all of us completely happy, so there's always going to be games that are, in our opinion, missing from these lists, and other people will never agree with the final top 5 and so on.

But the list was made by readers who voted, so in that respect it actually IS a list that we all made together, so most of us should be at the very least reasonably satisfied with most of the titles on there.

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