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@Wargoose - I’m all for kicking bosses outta buildings. I have two statues left and just can’t find them. Thinking about whether to use a guide, or probably just let it go.

I haven’t played the 3ds games, but I do have both of the games on Switch you mentioned. RCG0 is a good, old school bmup. There’s no juggling or finishing, but it’s really good for what it is. Long time KK or bmup fans should enjoy it.

All I can say about Stay Cool Kobayashi is that I played about 25 minutes and probably won’t play again. The whole thing is just kind of a mess in my opinion. Different strokes though. I only paid a few dollars for it on sale, so if you can get it cheap; might be worth a shot just to see if it’s something you enjoy.

limby-bee was a jerk.

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@bimmy-lee I had to use a guide for the last 3 statues, couldn't for the life of me find them. I also spent about 20 minutes trying to jump on top of the hotel, for some reason I just couldn't make the jump, and enemies kept respawning.



Has anyone given Mighty Fight Federation a go? Looks like Kunio and Riki made it in as DLC.

I've been waiting for a sale, to pick it up. I really liked powerstone back in the day. So it looks like it might be up my street.



Just a heads up the 3ds kunio games are all on Sale in the EU eshop at the moment


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