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@Losermagnet Tell me about it! Ever since Xbox One's backward compatibility list started, I've watched for The Simpsons Game and Simpsons Hit & Run, which obviously never came. I think I looked as recently as 6 months ago.ūüėĀ I thought, if anyone is going to port them to modern consoles, it would be Xbox. My brother has the Xbox. Obviously, I'd like them on the Switch, but I don't think it's going to happen. Although, if they remastered/ported Simpsons Hit & Run, I guess I'd like if they made the walking stuff skip-able, or driving missions only mode.


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@WoomyNNYes Oh yeah, ideal scenario for me is an HD Collection with The Simpsons Game, Hit & Run, Road Rage, and The Arcade Game. All with shiny new HD resolution, quality of life improvements, and extras. It sounds crazy but that's legitimately a Holy Grail kind of release for me.

I actually bought something during the big eshop sale. Volta-X was an astounding 90% off, making it $2. I almost had enough gold coins to get it for nothing.

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Finally bought a Switch (after years of saying I'd pivot back to Ninty from Sony) and got Balan Wonderworld, MK8DX, Hades, MH Rise, and Sakuna.

Currently playing through Balan. It's "eh" with a side of disappointment but I went into it prepared and with an open mind.

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Bought Smash Bros. Ultimate physically. So far so good!

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I got Metroid Dread as well as Hollow Knight last.



Black Friday pick ups: Pokémon BD and New Super Mario Bros U on sale for $35. Since AW isn’t coming out until spring I figured I would get BD to tide my time until Pokémon Legends. Haven’t played much Pokémon since gen 2.



Current Deal Purchases: Darksiders Warmastered Edition, Darksiders 2 Deathinitive Edition I haven't ever played any in the series but watched some gameplay online and can't wait to get started.

I also bought Deaths Door

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Got the Torna expansion for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, ready to be played after I finish the base game. It included a download code for the expansion pass and Torna was only $2 cheaper at the time, so I got that before the sale was over!

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My last purchases, a bit late to the party with AC but I'm loving the game, really addictive!


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Was hoping to get the Astérix & Obélix game with the French cover, but I took what I could get.

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jdrocks89 wrote:

Grid Autosport and Darius Cosmic Collection Arcade from the eShop sale.

Thinking about picking up Grid. What do you think of it?



YusseiWarrior3000 wrote:

Bought Crysis 3 as my last digital Switch game, and i don't regret ANYTHING!
(Was at a sale, since i bought the first game)

Also, bought the 2 DLC packs for Pirate Warriors 4, Kazuya (Best character with Pyra btw) and planning to get either Sora, Sephiroh, Joker and Pirancha Plant.

I got Crysis a few months ago and was loving it until I got to the part where you’re inside the reactor or whatever it is and you’re floating around in there with those weird ghosty things or whatever they are. I could not figure out where to go and I thought it was so off-topic of the game and got super frustrated and quit at that point. Too bad because it’s a great game but that part was just plain dumb and unnecessary.



ChoachMcGoach wrote:

Thinking about picking up Grid. What do you think of it?

I got GRID in the sale last week. It's very good and about as good as we can hope it would be on Switch. I'd like a few more camera options/controls for watching replays, but for racing it's very good, and head and shoulders the best more-sim-based 4-wheeled (I also really enjoy the 2-wheel racing in TT Isle of Man, though graphically it's pretty weak) racer on Switch.

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@YusseiWarrior3000 exactly. Maybe I’ll give it one more shot. Maybe I’ll watch a YouTube walkthrough or something. Lol.



Hyrule warriors AOC.
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