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Can I just say that the translator holding back laughter during the Pokémon Sleep segment was amazing

"Enthusiastic Hi" (awkward stare)
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Pokemon Masters is probably a gacha game for the various trainers across the series (Gym Leaders, Elite 4, Champions, possibly even rivals or villain team bosses).

Pokemon Home is a megaton, though the diagram suggested that everything except Sword/Shield will be a 1 way transfer.

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It’s (kind of) confirmed, Serious Sam will be heading to the Nintendo Light Switch (at least until they delete the tweet, pretend it’s just a coincidence, and announce it half a year later).

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Heh, reminds me of Blizzards Diablo tweet.

I'd love to the the Serious Sam titles being brought over.

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gcunit wrote:

It can't be just because N wants us to play locally, there has to be more to it, surely. Whether it's some technical issue, security concern, or something else, IDK, but there must be something.

The answer when it comes to corporations are usually "money". It cost less in development time, need less QA and less maintenance.

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I think it is, of course, money, but I believe there's more to it. Such as, does the data suggest that most major issues of harassment and similar issues have happened in private lobbies? Not to say people must know each other- a lot of the younger kids just share their IDs with anyone who will take them. And perhaps people tend to act more boldly when they feel the security of a private lobby.

Just wondering, perhaps the data shows that online with randoms actually has an insignificant percentage of harassment cases versus private lobbies.

I'm not saying that's definitely it, cause who knows, but I think people need to think more along those lines when trying to understand

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Bear in mind that this information about Mario Maker online being randoms-only came from a Nintendo rep at a press event. Event staff frequently get things wrong because a lot of the time they're not actually Nintendo employees, they've just been told whatever they need to know to help people with the game they're demoing. It could be true but don't take it as gospel.


I finally beat Hallow Knight after getting it on sale ages ago. The game is very fun to play and well-designed, but whatever lore there was went right over my head. It's cool how lost I got, but also frustrating, so I don't see myself playing it again, I've explored every inch of that map to the point of exhaustion.

So now I finally started Xenoblade 2 despite getting it on launch day. I was very spoiled by my recent PC gaming binge because the graphics of XC2 blown up on my TV are almost hard to look at. Still, though, I'm invested.



The May 30th thing for Cadence of Hyrule has now been changed to the last day of Spring (June 20th) so seems reasonable to assume it’ll be a shadow drop during E3.

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@PikPi I found Xenoblade 2's gorgeous art style carried the somewhat low-ish resolution in docked mode. Although, if you have a 4K set, I imagine it doesn't look great.

Handheld mode can get downright hideous, unfortunately.

Still one of my favorite games on the system, though.

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@Ralizah Bummer to hear about handheld mode, but yeah my 4k TV definitely isn't doing it favors. That said, the music alone is enough to get me to keep playing, let alone the legacy of the developers themselves. Definitely already see myself loving it more than X



If anyone has Realm Royale... let me know. Looking to play with others.



@PikPi It's easily my favorite game in the series. Awesome music, fun characters, an increasingly engaging plot, and, while field skill walls are a nuisance early on, once I began nurturing a large stable of blades and really got into filling out the affinity charts of my rare blades, they became a non-issue for the most part. Like Xenoblade X, there's a LOT of incentive to explore and revisit areas.

One of the biggest QoL changes early on for me was having dedicated healing skills, and especially blades that focused on healing. I HATED relying on soul voices to heal early on in Xenoblade X.

Oh, and be sure to nab Torna at some point if you enjoy the main game. In some ways, it's even better, and possibly the best DLC expansion I've ever played.

What PC games did you binge, by the way?

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@Ralizah btw, continuing our conversation about suspense horror...have you played Crafted World yet? I was kind of stunned for a Yoshi game to have a legit horror level. Well...legit....nothing graphic, the enemies are just "sackboys" with axes....but the atmosphere/music combined with jump was almost too much for me My pulse was pounding the whole level and I couldn't wait for it to be's one level I won't go back to 100% just because it was so unpleasant. Nothing graphic in there....and technically the suspense wasn't very suspenseful...but it hit on all my horror element triggers all the same.....even if it's freaking Yoshi in a cardboard world. I can take Doom 2016 all day easier than that, somehow. (Even in VR!)

@Ralizah I doubt much of anything on Switch looks great on a 4K TV. Base PS4/X1 would suck enough at 1080p, but at least it has decent AA. Everything on Switch forgoes most AA. Looks fine at 1080 and great handheld, but on a 4k screen that would be unpleasant without decent video processing in the TV or AVR.

@PikPi I didn't find XC2 as ugly as Ralizah did, handheld. I went into it intending to play mostly handheld and expected the worst after Ralizah braced me for it, but ultimately I didn't find handheld to really look any worse than on the big screen. Sure, if you do side by side it's worse, but otherwise, it's in such a way taht either handheld doesn't look bad to me, or big screen really doesn't look great to me. I suspect more the latter

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@NEStalgia I haven't, but I did watch footage of a level where a bunch of Shy Guys were running after Yoshi with knives. And, well, Shy Guy looks like chibi Jason Voorhees to begin with, so it was a little weird for such a cutesy game. That level you described sounds pretty bizarre, though. What was it called? I want to look it up online.

@PikPi Well, don't take my word on handheld mode. Here's a set of comparison screenshots I took between docked and handheld for Xenoblade 2. Full screen it to really see how drastic the difference is. Keep in mind that this is about as good as the game ever looks in handheld mode, and frequently looks quite worse.

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@Ralizah, that Yoshi level is "Be Afraid of the Dark".

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@Ralizah RR529 has it right. "Be Afraid of the Dark".....way more horror proper than the Shy Guys with knives...that wasn't really notable. Nor is the (fun) haunted house level. This level is a really weird fit for a Yoshi game. Not that it's "real" horror by any means, but it intentionally plays to the "real horror" tropes to a level you would not expect in a cute "kids" game. Even if it's "kawaii horror"

I tiptoed from beginning to end and may or may not have had more expletives out of raw suspense than the producers planned.



Ha I loved that level. I'm not a fan of horror but for some reason I really like minor horror elements in otherwise cute/family-friendly games/films/etc. It's very near the end of the game so if you're interested in playing it you might not want to spoil it for yourself by watching videos of it.


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