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We all know Mario and Pokemon games are family-friendly but sometimes Nintendo inserts some creepy or unsettling moments in Nintendo games. It's not that I am against creepy moments in family-friendly games. I am just interested to hear what moment in Nintendo games scares or unsettles you.

Personally, I have three moments. One of them is Pokemon Black 2. Back in 2000s, my older brother was playing Pokemon Black 2 on the DS. He is playing the Red Fog of Terror 3 in Pokestar Studios. I was curious so I wanted to look at my brother's DS but my brother warned me that the Monster (the big one) in the movie will scare me. I was still scared of horror games, horror movies, or anything associated with the horror genre at the time so I was too scared to look at my brother's DS. The Humanoids in the Red Fog of Terror don't scare me and the Red Fog of Terror 1 and 2 movie scares me a little bit but I can still watch it. However, the Monster scared me without knowing what it even looks like. That night, I ended up constantly imagining what the monster would look like. I imagined that the monster would be a horrifying, Lovecraftian monster. Nowadays, I have seen what the monster looked like in the Red Fog of Terror 3 and it's not as terrifying as I think it was. However, I still believe that it would have scared me if I looked at it back then.

The other one is Pokemon Gen 4. I don't remember which Pokemon game it is but the haunted house scared me as a kid. This one is pretty self explanatory. Nowadays, I am not scared of the haunted house in Pokemon Gen 4.

The last one is Super Mario Sunshine. I have played this game this year and Phantamanta is unsettling. When the boss arrives, it comes in the form of a menacing, gigantic manta-ray white shadow. This boss is unsettling to me because:
1. At the start of the battle, it's menacingly giant.
2. It can split into 4 and each of them can split into 4, and so on until there are 96 of them. The fact that there are swarms of smaller Phantamantas that you have to defeat are unsettling.
3. This boss doesn't feel like it belongs in the Mario universe and this fact alone unsettles me. It's as if this creature comes from another otherwordly dimension.
4. When all of the Phantamanta are on the smallest size, they will turn pink and chase after Mario. This actually makes me kind of scared the first time it happens and I end up kind of panicking because I have to deal with a swarm of small, unsettling creatures that actively chase after Mario.
5. The music during Phantamanta's boss fight makes it even more unsettling.
Eventually, I defeated the boss. Well, it's quite a memorable boss fight for sure.

So, do you have moments in Nintendo games that scares or unsettles you?



Giratina's scream on the Pokemon Platinum title screen scared me as a kid. Also there was a creepy section in Twilight Princess that unnerved me, I think it was some kind of dream sequence where Link went insane.

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World of Nothing and Twygz River Bed from Super Paper Mario Wii.

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Just Majora's Mask. Every time a day passed; I got a little nervous lol. Probably an OCD thing though, honestly, more than fear. Nothing else, really. Nintendo games don't really scare me. Well, hardly anything "scares" me anymore the closest I can get is being grossed out. Bugs still do that to me, if they're large and leggy enough. And rats. Not pet rats, but wild city rats.

But yeah...



Back when I was very young, I played New Super Mario Bros Wii for the first time at my aunt's house. I was getting through it relatively quickly.....until I saw Bowser for the first time. To everyone else (including myself nowadays), this is what they see when looking at Bowser:
However, when my child mind saw him for the first time, this was what I saw:
It terrified me so much that I never went near NSMBWii ever again and every time I think about it, that's usually one of the first things that comes to mind. Thankfully, in the years since I've more than manned up and I even play him as a backup character in Mario Kart as my preferred Heavyweight (along with Dry Bowser)!

Moral of the story: young me was an absolute idiot at times.

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A bit pathetic but I'm somehwat unsettled by the whole haunted school section in Pokemon Sun and Moon, the creepy atmosphere of nobody being inside the school house, the music and sometimes lack thereof.
Another one I'd say is Bongo Bongo from TLoZ?

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I-I was scared of the part in Super Paper Mario when Mimi turned into a spider... My Mother was playing the game and it scared me more than her.

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This is probably the only thing in a Nintendo game that I find genuinely unsettling. There are things in other games that are creepy, but it's usually intentionally so. It's the stuff that is unintentionally weird that gets me sometimes. Another example would be Wet Dry World.

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@Fizza LOL your story reminded me of a similar situation I had when I was younger. My much older cousins thought it would be a good idea to put on the movie Jaws and have me watch it. It freaked me out so much that for some reason I thought Jaws was under my parents bed so I refused to go into their room in the dark, not sure what logic it made with the lights on but you know kids minds.

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The music in the Shadow Temple in Ocarina of Time scared me as a kid, so I would leave that dungeon for last every time. Wallmasters, Redeads and Deadhand too.

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The guardians from BOTW creeped me out at first. I still get the creeps when I hear that piano riff. 😂 Also as a kid my older brother was playing Skyward Sword and he got to the silent realm, which freaked me out pretty bad- especially when the statues awaken. I still can’t do that part without getting a little ptsd. ><

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I played many Nintendo games with "creepy" moments long after I could tolerate them (Honestly, most fascinate/entertain me now), though the ghosts in Lavender Town (not to mention some of the dialogue of the Mediums in the original games; I noticed they changed some of it in the Let's Go games) did unsettle me a bit as a kid. The town's theme didn't help lol.

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@Anti-Matter I second river twigz!
@Kermit1 wow I forgot how scary that game gets at some spots. also the neck crunchy noises that she makes are icky.

for me it was THE EEL from Mario 64 I H A T E him so much I still am scared of eels.

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but that thing:
The carrot minigame from bowser's inside story
it scares me


Yeta going insane in Twilight Princess always kind of freaked me out, along with those freaking puppets in Smash Bros. Brawl's story mode (I assume they're from some game just don't know what), saw a couple others on here I definitely agree with.

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What do you mean by that @Eel

I fear no man
but that thing:
The carrot minigame from bowser's inside story
it scares me


I saw the movie Jaws at too young of an age and have had an illogical fear of being in water where things live. When I dive down into the dark water in Super Mario 64, I feel a shroud of doom fall over me.

I don't know how I'll get through Subnautica.



GoombaKing64 wrote:

for me it was THE EEL from Mario 64 I H A T E him so much I still am scared of eels.

Eel wrote:

@GoombaKing64 🤨

I LOLed WAY too hard at this.

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Those blobby things that eat you in oc of time, they just creeped me out when I played the 3ds remaster.

Also the whole dark temple, or whatever it was called, with the hands that drop out the sky, and the creepy zombie things that slowly creep towards you, ugh.

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