Topic: Moments in Nintendo games that scares or unsettles you?

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I think it's implied somewhere that ReDeads are not of human origin, and since it's possible to find most of the unique characters from Castle Town hiding in Kakariko, I assume that's true.

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When I was a kid, me and my brother looked at Smash Brawl Subspace Emissary cutscenes (probably on Youtube). Keep in mind that at the time, I knew nothing about Pikmin or F-Zero. I was looking at the scene where Olimar tries to defeat a giant R.O.B. The first time I saw the Pikmin dies, I was horrified. It's not because I was upset that the Pikmin dies, it's because the way the Pikmin turn into Pikmin souls without leaving a corpse behind that felt very out of place to me. Also, little kid me thought the Pikmins and Captain Olimar look weird. As a kid, I wished Captain Olimar and his weird, creepy Pikmins were not in smash at all.

This one is unrelated to Nintendo. When I was a kid, I remember seeing Sackboy for the first time through an image on a mall somewhere (although I had no knowledge about his name at the time). As a kid, I had no idea he is made out of sack so I thought he looks horrifying.



I think it's hard to top Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask for me. There is a lot in those games that I find, at the very least, unnerving. And I still do, based on my replays this year. I think it's a mixture of two things: 1) Out of Nintendo's franchises, Zelda usually has the most emotional range, from joyous whimsy to deep melancholy. And the N64 Zeldas manage a particularly wide range. And 2) The blocky N64 graphics meant Nintendo could, in some cases, get away with stuff like Dead Hand. Today they'd have to draw that monster with more fidelity and detail, and would probably have to dilute the gruesome impact of it.



Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask could each get their own thread for this.

Twilight Princess- when Link falls into lava with the Zora tunic on, that scream+the instant transition into the game over. Also if Link has 1/4 quarter heart left and he gets knocked off in the Bridge of Eldin fight, likewise the instant transition into the game over is unsettling.

Metroid- when you do not escape in time, and the screen instantly flickers like crazy alongside explosion noises, transitioning into a game over.

Metroid Prime's game over- everything about it

Earthbound- the "Mu training" (when Poo goes up to the mountaintop) near his home village of Dalaam. Even as an adult, it was unsettling the first time I played.

Pokemon Red/Blue- the dialogue from the possessed channelers at the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town.

Mario 64- the very dark small hallway between the Merry Go-Round exterior and the elevator near the edge of the course. Coupled with arguably the most haunting Mario music, I always high-tailed it out of there as fast as I could when I was younger or altogether avoided it. Also in the same course, the dialogue after you defeat a Boo.

Paper Mario N64- the Game over that shows Mario standing, and staring motionless into the distance with white eyes.

@Eel IMO, I think the idea that they're just "animated non-human magic" might be the result of some attempted retconning from Sakurai and possibly another Nintendo higher up over the years. Similar to how Miyamoto initially wanted to retcon the ending of Goldeneye 007 N64 so that Bond and Trevelyan shook hands as friends at the end . I think that Sakurai likewise tried to soften up one of Nintendo's notoriously creepy/scary enemies via its Smash Melee trophy description of ReDeads as simply "clay-like creatures with non-human origins morphed into that shape by magic". There's a ton more evidence from the original OoT+MM that they are in fact the undead/of human origin. I think you're absolutely right that many of Hyrule Market's townsfolk clearly escaped that fate when ending up in Kakariko Village, but a good number did not imo.

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