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Oh, weekend! How we have missed thee!

The past seven days might not have been the Switch successor-confirming news fest that we saw last week, but there has still been plenty of good stuff happening in Nintendo land. The NSO Game Boy library got a tasty boost with the addition of three new games, we got a first peek at Splatoon 3's Sizzle Season 2024 and Stardew Valley creator ConcernedApe shared yet another update on those much-anticipated ver. 1.6 console ports.

It was also a big week for Nintendo rumours (when is it not?). We heard that Zelda LEGO is supposedly coming this September, Pokémon Gen 10 games are supposedly coming in 2026, Princess Zelda is supposedly starring in an upcoming game. Our fingertips are dry with the amount of salt we've been pinching.

We also reviewed a fresh batch of games as we shared our thoughts on Biomutant, Braid: Anniversary Edition, Lorelei and the Laser Eyes, Slayers X and more.

After all that, we're ready for a spot of gaming. Let's see what we're all up to, shall we?

Jim Norman, Staff Writer

Well, despite my best efforts, I still haven't beaten Hollow Knight. In fact, I have gotten stuck on the same section where I left my last save file — those blasted Watcher Knights will feel my wrath one day, I tell you.

I fully intend to play more of it this weekend and hopefully get a little closer to wrapping it up. But every time that I look at the Switch eShop, I see Animal Well staring back at me, tapping a watch which seems to be counting down to GOTY selection time. I'm trying to ignore it, but I just don't know whether I'll have the strength to hold on much longer. Damn you, adorable capybara, and your ever-watchful eyes!

Gavin Lane, Editor

I'm grinding through a game for review, but I wouldn't mind dipping back into Tears of the Kingdom. I'm not in the mood to take on Ganondorf just yet, so it'll involve me warping away from his chambers the moment the save loads. Not sure where just yet. Somewhere leafy, or perhaps I'll go hopping across some Sky islands. There's so much of that game left for me to explore!

Gonçalo Lopes, Contributor

Having liberated the land of the Elves it is time to turn my attention to the northern icy wastelands of Bastorias in Unicorn Overlord. I keep forgetting that I still need to go wrap up the final boss of Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown. As an aviation fanatic it is a real shame Namco’s Arcade Archive Fighter & Attacker remains a Japan exclusive, but in no way would they would ever be able to afford the licensing fees needed to release it in the West. Fret not for I am counting the days until Ace Combat 7 hits the shelves. Wait, is that Super Mario Land I spot on NSO? The soundtrack alone demands a quick replay.

Game of the week is Earth Defense Force: World Brothers! Yes, I know I am late to the party and the sequel is about to be released, but It is never too late for some voxel-related mayhem. The characters are also quite charming... for a bunch of low poly models anyway.

Kate Gray, Contributor

I've had an exceptionally busy week this week, but I also downloaded Animal Well. My partner is a big fan of games with lots and lots of secrets, so he completed Animal Well in a week, and now it's my turn to play while he watches and gives me no hints whatsoever. I know that's a good thing, especially with a game that's all about discovering things yourself, but it can be a little frustrating when I really need a nudge. But I have to believe in myself and figure things out! It's the way (developer) Billy Basso intended.

I'm also noodling my way through Fallout 4, which is fine, and I purchased Baladins, a game I've been excited about for a very long time.

But mostly I've been playing a new game for a surprise review (a surprise to me, anyway), and having quite a nice time. Obviously I can't say much about it yet, other than the fact that the game reminds me of a different game I wouldn't have expected. How very cagey of me! I think it's going to get a nice review.

It's not Thousand-Year Door, by the way. I'm still very excited for that to drop soon. PAPERRRRR MARIOOOOOOO!

That's what we have planned for the weekend, but what about you? Fill in the following poll with the game that you will be maining over the next few days and then slide into the comments to let us know what other titles are on the cards.

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