Future Games Show At Gamescom 2023
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Returning to Gamescom 2023 is GamesRadar's Future Games Show. Following on from its showing during Summer Game Fest, Future Games Show @ Gamescom 2023 was full of an eclectic variety of titles — many of which are coming to both PC and Switch.

The showcase was hosted by voice actors Troy Baker (The Last of Us) and Erika Ishii (Apex Legends), and with plenty to run through, we're just going to jump straight into things — here's every game coming to Nintnedo Switch that was featured in the Future Games Show @Gamescom 2023 showcase.

Future Games Show Gamescom 2023 - The full presentation

You can watch the full 90-minute showcase over on the official FGS YouTube channel, or if you don't fancy that, we've got you sorted.

Every Switch Game Announcement & Update

Blasphemous 2 - 24th August 2023

The launch trailer for Blasphemous 2 looks decidedly disturbing. The game is out tomorrow on Switch, and we've already spent time with the game. In short, we loved it. Check out our review:

AK-xolotl - 14th September 2023

AK-xolotl might look cute, but it's a brutal bullet hell roguelike where the one who weilds the gun just happens to be adorable. The game finally has a release date on Switch — 14th September 2023.

Bloomtown: A Different Story - Q2 2024

Blending all sorts of classic RPGs with modern tropes, Bloomtown: A Different Story looks like a blast. Save a suburban town from a demon invasion and tame your own demons to boot. Blending EarthBound, Persona, and Pokémon, this turn-based JRPG launches next year on Switch.

The Last Faith - November 2023

The Last Faith's gory concoction of Soulslike and Metroidvania may not be unique, but this game looks absolutely stunning. Originally slated for an October release, today's new trailer revealed we'll need to wait an extra month to tackle the demons. The game now launches in November, but if you're impatient, there's a free beta test on Steam right now.

It's a Wrap! - 31st August 2023

Well, that was quick! It's a Wrap's Switch version was announced earlier this month, and it turns out, it's also coming out this month — the last day of the month, that is. The game is out now on PC, so if you're grabbing this on Switch, you've got time to get ready for the director's chair.

Phantom Spark - TBA

Speeding onto Switch and PC, Phantom Spark is a time trial racer set in the future. Maybe this will scratch our F-Zero itch? This was our first look at the upcoming race, and it looks smooth as heck — we hope that'll carry over to the Switch version.

Super Adventure Hand - 2023

Glover might have a run for his money, here — Super Adventure Hand had a snipped during the Ones to Play montage, meaning there's a demo available on Steam right now.

Afterdream - 28th September 2023

A release date for Afterdream was revealed earlier today, but Future Games Show gave us another quick look at this surreal horror adventure. Give the demo a whirl on Steam.

CLeM - Q4 2023

We only got a brief glimpse of this from the Ones to Play Montage, but Clem is a quirky-looking puzzle game where you need to escape. It's weird, wonderful, and pretty darn dark, too. You can find out more by checking out the game's demo on Steam.

Warframe - Out Now

Warframe still has plenty to give. We'll be getting more news on the free-to-play action shooter on 26th August at Tennocon 2023, and this teaser trailer gives us a sneak peek at what's in store.

Wild Country - TBA

Giving card towers a whole new meaning, Wild Country blends city building with card battles. But the main takeaway is that all of the residents and characters are cute little critters. No release date has been given for this game, but we'll be keeping an eye out for it for sure.

Ravenswatch - 2024

Ravenswatch is currently in Early Access on PC right now, but the Switch version is coming in 2024. The co-op action roguelite looks stunning in motion and features characters based on popular fairy tales. The Shores of Storm Island update is coming in September in Early Access, but we've got a bit longer to wait for the full game.

Symphonia - 2024

While Symphonia wasn't specified for Switch, "PC and consoles" is good enough for us with this gorgeous-looking musical platformer. Use your violin to restore life to the world and power machinery to help you explore this steampunk-looking world.

Dome-King Cabbage - TBA

One of the highlights of the show for us was Dome-King Cabbage, which does absolutely what it says on the tin — surrealism. This is a visual novel set in the world of a monster-collecting RPG. The game has been in development for PC for a while, but we now know it's coming to Switch too.

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What was your favourite trailer at Future Games Show 2023 showcase?