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1 (Single Player)
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  • US 14th Sep 2023, $18.99
  • EU 14th Sep 2023, £15.99
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About The Game

The cutest and deadliest roguelite experience (plus extra fun modes, for some bite sized action)! What happens when you combine a hungry axolotl with an AK? You get a 'lotl of killing! AK-xolotl is a top-down roguelite shooter featuring the cutest amphibian. You're an axolotl with an AK (duh!) that goes on a rampage, shooting down their next meal! Oh, and we forgot to mention: you won’t die. Whenever you are down, you will just rise from the ashes and start over (you can call yourself the pond phoenix, if you will). Progress through the ecosystem and show who the real apex predator is! Advance through several maps that mix the best of both worlds: procedurally generated biomes, for a randomized experience, and carefully handcrafted room layouts, to achieve the perfect pond atmosphere. Collect food and unlock new powers along the way. After each run, bring your findings and watch your pond evolve: unlock new areas, customize your base, cook delicious meals with the spoils of your hunt…you won’t just be hunting with style, you’ll also be living with style! Raise several baby axolotls. Feed them, nurture them and watch them grow! After reaching adulthood they become playable and you can take them on your adventures!


  • The cutest and deadliest roguelite action: with lots of hours of gameplay and great replayability value!
  • The ultimate pond inspired experience: beautiful pixel art graphics filled with pond-like details, rich colors and a variety of sceneries.
  • Hunt and obliterate your prey with tons of different weapons: melee, close-range, long-range, etc., you pick your own playstyle!
  • Multiple power-ups to beef up your Axolotl: yes, you have guns, but why not some extra powers as well, that not only make you mightier but add variety to the gameplay?!
  • Tons of different types of enemies: Axolotl's meal will be buffet style!
  • Expandable and customizable hub: build and customize your own pond and craft new items to decorate it! Your axolotl deserves the best place to live in.
  • You are not just an apex predator, but also a Michelin chef: cook delicious recipes with all the ingredients you gather throughout your hunting adventures and become stronger!
  • Cute baby axolotls that become playable: pet and care for baby axolotls. Feed them, nurture them and watch them grow! Finally, bring them on your hunting adventures.
  • Fully supported online leaderboards: because highscores only really matter if you can brag about it!
  • 3 extra arcade game modes for some bite-sized action: King of the Pond, Wave and Chrono.