Low Durabiity? No Problem!

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Weapon durability is back in Tears of the Kingdom and while this is a bit of a sore subject for many, it's not all doom and gloom. With the new Fuse mechanic, you can give your weapons a ruddy good dura-boost by simply fusing an item to them. Is your Zora Sword about to break? Stick a boulder on it. Problem solved.

More Useful Icons

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Sometimes, it's not always easy to judge what kind of weapon you have in your inventory by its image alone, especially if it's something that's been created with the Fuse mechanic. What's good, then, is that there are now icons in the weapon menu that indicate whether it's a standard sword, a heavy weapon, a spear, and so on. It's good if you're quickly swapping out weapons on the fly.

Drop It!

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Not only is there now a quick-menu option for your basic inventory, but you can actually drop items at any time without going into the full-fat menu itself. This is obviously good if you want a bit of a purge, but it's especially useful when you need to break out a Zonai Flame Emitter or Hover Stone.


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A shout-out to the Stables, which now emit puffs of smoke from the giant wooden horse's head! It's definitely a small addition, but it makes spotting these landmarks much easier from a distance.

More Is Better

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More what, you ask? Picture slots, that's what. Yes, you can now store more pictures from your camera in one go, as there are now a total of 64 slots instead of 48. For those of you who like to break out the camera every two minutes — or those with a Purah obsession — this is sure to be a welcome addition.

One Giant Health Bar

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When you come across a group of Bokoblins that's supported by one giant 'Boss Bokoblin', instead of having a bunch of individual health bars crowd the image, you now have one big health bar at the top of the screen to indicate the overall state of the group as a whole, not unlike Age of Calamity.

This means that even when the health bar is very low, you'll know that there is still at least one Bokoblin still lurking in the vicinity.

Sort Yerself Out!

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Sorting isn't a new thing to Tears of the Kingdom, but the way you can basically sort any set of items in the inventory by 'most used' is most definitely a big step up. It's especially handy for the standard quick-menu; some of us tend to gravitate towards things like the Bomb Flower or Splash Fruit, so it's nice that you can sort these in a way that makes them instantly accessible.

More Stamina Goodness

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Jumping and then shooting an arrow is cool, right? All that slow-motion effect and whatnot. The problem in Breath of the Wild, however, was that your stamina would decrease constantly when utilising this move. In Tears of the Kingdom, however, your stamina will only drop as you shoot each arrow, so you've got more time in between to plan your attack without having to worry about your stamina depleting.

Don't Slip Up!

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Trying to climb when it's raining is, quite frankly, a nightmare. It's so easy to slip down and drain your stamina, and we're not sure if you agree with us, but it seems to rain a lot in Tears of the Kingdom. That's why it's good that you can now obtain anti-slip elixirs and clothing to prevent such atrocities. Now you can climb with ease!

Gotta Find Those Fairies

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Finding a Fairy Fountain in Breath of the Wild would add it to your map, but only if you zoom in close enough to make out the details. This time, Fairy Fountains now have their own icon, so it's now easier than ever to scope them out on your travels.

We were going to put a pic of a map as an example above, but spoilers innit. So here's a random pretty picture instead.

More Accurate Sensor

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Locating shrines with the sensor could be annoying in Breath of the Wild, because it would only ever give you a vague indication of where you needed to go. In Tears of the Kingdom, the sensor will now actually point out whether a shrine is above or below you. It's not a perfect improvement, but it makes things much less frustrating.

Less Annoying Sensor!

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Speaking of the sensor, it now sounds much less annoying than it did in Breath of the Wild. The *boop boop* sound is still more or less the same, but it's a lot softer now, and less grating as a result.

Keep Track of Deaths

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And finally, Hero's Path is back, giving players an easy way to effectively track their journey through the in-game map. In Breath of the Wild, each time the animation came across a player death, it would pause momentarily, needlessly adding time to the entire process. This time, the animation is a lot smoother and no time is wasted.

Which is just as well. We've got many hours still to go with this one and we need to get cracking.

So there you have it, 26 little tweaks that we think make Tears of the Kingdom an improvement on its awesome predecessor. Special thanks go to our lovely video producer Felix for coming up with the list that we've adapted here!

Reckon we've missed anything crucial here? What new things have you discovered on your own journey? Let us know with a comment below.