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Wednesday9th Apr 2014

  • News Wii Classic Controllers No Longer Being Manufactured By Nintendo

    Both Pro & original models have stopped production

    Eagle-eyed Twitter user @kitroplious has spotted an interesting tidbit about Nintendo's Wii Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro. The following message was discovered on Club Nintendo while the user attempted to order a Wii game using his reward credit: Perhaps this is an indication that...

  • Video Marvel Characters Making Their Way to Disney Infinity

    Interestingly referred to as "version 2.0"

    After Disney's acquisition of Marvel in 2009, it seemed fitting that speculation would crop up regarding the usage of the comic book giant's characters in the NFC-driven Disney Infinity. After all, that game's universe-merging crossover potential would only be better served by the appearances of...

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Wednesday2nd Apr 2014

  • Video What Could The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Look Like In HD?

    Flying High Definition

    We've already shown you what Super Mario Galaxy could look like in glorious HD, and now it's the turn of fellow Wii classic The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, the game voted for by you — our dear readers — as the next candidate for the comparison treatment. As before, we cannot stress enough that this is a hypothetica

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  • Video What Could Super Mario Galaxy Look Like In HD?

    We give a Wii classic the High Definition treatment

    While many other console owners made the leap into HD with the launch of the Xbox 360 and PS3 many years ago, Nintendo fans had to wait a little longer — lest we forget, the entire Wii era was spent in Standard Definition. This got us thinking — what would some of the Wii's best games look like...

Thursday27th Feb 2014

Wednesday26th Feb 2014

  • News New and Sealed Xenoblade Chronicles Copies Available in North America

    A rare opportunity

    For a Wii game released in 2012 in North America (2011 in Europe), Xenoblade Chronicles has shown an impressive ability to remain relevant to enthusiastic Nintendo gamers. Its limited run in Nintendo of America's domain took on a controversial tone when retailer GameStop began charging $89.99 for copies, while there were even...

Tuesday11th Feb 2014

  • News Nintendo Patented an "Illumination Device" for Gaming Use

    A little mood lighting, perhaps?

    Nintendo has proven itself a company willing to buck standard conventions and try out new concepts. Some ideas, such as dual screens and motion controls, become a solid entry into gaming culture. Others may never leave the drawing board. A Nintendo patent that was filed in September 2010 and widely spotted today...

Tuesday4th Feb 2014

  • Rumour Disney Infinity 2 Coming To Wii U, But Not Wii

    Job listing appears to confirm sequel is on the way

    Last year, we saw Disney Infinity hit multiple formats and impress with both its toy-based gameplay and commercial performance. Unsurprisingly for such a high-profile, family-friendly franchise, it would appear that Disney is keen to turn the series into a yearly event; a new job listing seems to...

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