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Sunday6th Sep 2015

  • Mario History Super Mario Galaxy - 2007

    Out of this World

    In this series of articles we'll write about one or more Mario games per day, each representing a different year as part of our Super Mario 30th Anniversary celebrations. In our previous entry we highlighted how New Super Mario Bros. was the first new 2D Mario title in some time; that was due to a general focus on 3D Mario...

Wednesday19th Aug 2015

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Wednesday12th Aug 2015

  • Mario Memories Being Taken To A New World In Super Mario Galaxy

    Tom Whitehead recalls a watershed moment in his relationship with Nintendo

    In this series of 30 daily articles celebrating the upcoming 30th Anniversary of Super Mario, various members of the Nintendo Life extended family will share their memories and thoughts on the iconic franchise. First up is site editor Tom Whitehead. I've confessed in the...

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Wednesday24th Jun 2015

Monday22nd Jun 2015

  • News Cancelled Wii Adventure Zblu Cops Is Unearthed, Looks Amazing

    Based on the cult French comic book

    Those chaps at Unseen64 have done it again and unearthed another cancelled and forgotten game from the annals of history. This time it's Wii adventure Zblu Cops, which was based on a French comic book all but unknown in the west. The work of entertainment group Biodroid, this promising title used a cel-shaded...

Friday19th Jun 2015

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Tuesday16th Jun 2015

  • Video Ubisoft Unleashes A Flood Of Just Dance 2016 Clips

    Warning: Footage of old people abandoning their dignity contained within

    One of the most predictable elements of Ubisoft's E3 event was the reveal of Just Dance 2016, the latest entry in the company's best-selling music franchise which has now sold 54 million copies during its lifetime. The game is coming to the Wii U and the Wii, along with new...

Wednesday10th Jun 2015

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Tuesday2nd Jun 2015

  • News No FIFA For Nintendo Fans This Year, States EA

    Soccer action absent on Wii, Wii U or 3DS

    Electronic Arts has confirmed that its best-selling FIFA series is skipping the Wii, Wii U and 3DS this year. Pocket Gamer got the scoop on the lack of a 3DS edition of the game, and EA's soccer series has famously been absent on the Wii U ever since FIFA 13 underperformed commercially. EA's official press...

Sunday31st May 2015

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Tuesday19th May 2015

  • News Nintendo Wins Patent Battle Over Wii Balance Board

    Its legal body was ready

    Nintendo struck gold with the Wii, combining inexpensive technology with a motion controlled gaming hook that tens of millions of gamers found irresistible. That use of technology and the ludicrous profits it made naturally got the attention of other companies, however, with the home console and its accessories fighting a...

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