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Wednesday2nd Jan 2019

  • Video This Pocket-Sized Portable Plays GameCube And Wii Games

    But you can't buy it

    Portable Wii consoles aren't a new thing – we've seen one that fits inside a coat, lest we forget – but few fan-made mods come as elegantly packaged as this one. The PiiWii Pocket is the creation of YouTuber Shank Mods, and uses actual Wii internals rather than emulation. It comes with a suite of controls, internal cooling...

Sunday23rd Dec 2018

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Friday9th Nov 2018

  • News Nintendo Suspending Wii Video Streaming Services Early Next Year

    The end of an era

    Netflix recently sent out an email notifying users Nintendo will be suspending all video streaming services on the Wii - including the Netflix Channel - at the end of January 2019. Here's the full message below, courtesy of a post on Reddit: Unfortunately, Nintendo will suspend all video streaming services on Wii—including the...

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Tuesday31st Jul 2018

  • Video “Beta" Version Of Bowser’s Castle Uncovered In Mario Kart Wii

    A technical mouthful

    Mario Kart Wii introduced many new features to the long-running series including motorbikes and 12 racers on-track at once. While the exploitation of the 'wheelie' mechanic was rife back in the day, generally the Wii version is still looked upon as a memorable entry in the series thanks to its online play, accessible nature and...

Sunday22nd Jul 2018

  • Parent Trap I Really Miss The Nintendo Wii

    Family Gamer's Andy Robertson remembers the good old days of waggle

    Parents are notoriously bad for being sentimental. Whether it’s watching Monty Python, playing Tetris on the Game Boy or buying sweets by the ounce, I often catch myself getting more excited about introducing my children to the things I loved from my childhood than actually...

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  • Video 9 Mario Games We Wish had Never Existed

    Pesky plumber

    Mario's been in countless fantastic games over the years, but to say our favourite portly plumber has a spotless record is an outright lie. Usually at the hands of another studio, Mario's been the figurehead of some truly awful video games over the years. That doesn't mean they can't be enjoyed for what they are, of course, but...

Wednesday31st Jan 2018

  • News Valve's Gabe Newell Once Met With Nintendo About A "Joint Project"

    "This was like probably seven years ago. It was super casual"

    Gabe Newell's son Grey has revealed that the Valve boss once met with Nintendo in Japan to discuss a joint venture between the two companies which sadly went nowhere. Speaking on a stream with Valve News Network, Grey casually revealed that he once got the chance to play Super Mario...

  • Reminder Time To Purchase Wii Shop Points Is Running Out

    They'll be gone soon

    A few months ago, Nintendo made the expected announcement that it would begin the process of shuttering the Wii Shop Channel, following on from the DSi shoppe which met a similar end. Now that all other online applications for the Wii have been discontinued, those who still purchase games on the Wii Shop have until January 31st,...

Tuesday9th Jan 2018

Thursday4th Jan 2018

  • Random Mario Kart Wii Made Amazon's Top 100 Games In December

    Did you get the right Mario Kart under your tree?

    Christmas 2017 was a bumper one for Nintendo, with the Switch - and its software - selling impressively. However, it would seem that older Nintendo games have benefited from the increased exposure, as Mario Kart Wii - which is almost a decade old - made Amazon's top 100 video game best seller

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  • Video Take To The Skies In This Trailer For Factor 5's Unreleased WeFly

    Pilotwings on Wii, basically

    Earlier this year we reported on Liam Robertson's excellent investigation into Factor 5's WeFly - basically Pilotwings for Wii - which went into detail about the game's development and its subsequent cancellation. Robertson is back with another neat exclusive - a hitherto unseen trailer for the game which was only...

Monday13th Nov 2017

  • Video Check Out The Canned Justice League Game That Almost Came To Wii

    For justice!

    The upcoming Justice League movie marks the end of many years of speculation about how Hollywood would adapt one of DC Comics' most famous properties. A film based around the heroic exploits of this superhero team has been mooted for many years, and back in 2009 it very nearly happened with Mad Max director George Miller at the helm...

Friday3rd Nov 2017