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Saturday9th Jun 2018

  • Video Let's Revel in Nintendo's Best E3 Moments from History

    It's mostly 2004, we're not going to lie

    Nintendo has had a mixed bag of E3 moments. High and low points are to be expected, and as we've already looked at some of the more embarrassing instances, we thought in the run up to E3 2018 it was time to take a more positive look at things, to bring balance to the universe in an arguably more constructive...

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Monday12th Feb 2018

  • Video 9 Mario Games We Wish had Never Existed

    Pesky plumber

    Mario's been in countless fantastic games over the years, but to say our favourite portly plumber has a spotless record is an outright lie. Usually at the hands of another studio, Mario's been the figurehead of some truly awful video games over the years. That doesn't mean they can't be enjoyed for what they are, of course, but...

Wednesday31st Jan 2018

  • News Valve's Gabe Newell Once Met With Nintendo About A "Joint Project"

    "This was like probably seven years ago. It was super casual"

    Gabe Newell's son Grey has revealed that the Valve boss once met with Nintendo in Japan to discuss a joint venture between the two companies which sadly went nowhere. Speaking on a stream with Valve News Network, Grey casually revealed that he once got the chance to play Super Mario...

  • Reminder Time To Purchase Wii Shop Points Is Running Out

    They'll be gone soon

    A few months ago, Nintendo made the expected announcement that it would begin the process of shuttering the Wii Shop Channel, following on from the DSi shoppe which met a similar end. Now that all other online applications for the Wii have been discontinued, those who still purchase games on the Wii Shop have until January 31st,...

Tuesday9th Jan 2018

Thursday4th Jan 2018

  • Random Mario Kart Wii Made Amazon's Top 100 Games In December

    Did you get the right Mario Kart under your tree?

    Christmas 2017 was a bumper one for Nintendo, with the Switch - and its software - selling impressively. However, it would seem that older Nintendo games have benefited from the increased exposure, as Mario Kart Wii - which is almost a decade old - made Amazon's top 100 video game best seller

Wednesday3rd Jan 2018

Wednesday6th Dec 2017

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Monday4th Dec 2017

  • Video Take To The Skies In This Trailer For Factor 5's Unreleased WeFly

    Pilotwings on Wii, basically

    Earlier this year we reported on Liam Robertson's excellent investigation into Factor 5's WeFly - basically Pilotwings for Wii - which went into detail about the game's development and its subsequent cancellation. Robertson is back with another neat exclusive - a hitherto unseen trailer for the game which was only...

Monday13th Nov 2017

  • Video Check Out The Canned Justice League Game That Almost Came To Wii

    For justice!

    The upcoming Justice League movie marks the end of many years of speculation about how Hollywood would adapt one of DC Comics' most famous properties. A film based around the heroic exploits of this superhero team has been mooted for many years, and back in 2009 it very nearly happened with Mad Max director George Miller at the helm...

Friday3rd Nov 2017

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Friday20th Oct 2017

  • Random Don't Forget This Week's Musical Retail Arrival on Wii

    Sing when you're winning

    Ah, the Wii. The little system is now nearly 11 years old and was an outstanding commercial success; it also brought us a wonderful game library with plenty of titles that'll go down as Nintendo classics. Its broad appeal also made it ripe for various so-called 'casual' games, and despite the system being long since...

Tuesday3rd Oct 2017

Friday29th Sep 2017

  • News Nintendo Has Announced the End of the Wii Shop Channel

    The end of an era

    Though there were plenty of teething issues with it—who could forget that tiny file size limit?—the Wii Shop Channel marked a milestone moment for Nintendo, as the company made its first notable foray into digital game distribution. Considering the age of the Wii, and the fact that all other online services for the console have...

Sunday24th Sep 2017

  • Video Check Out WeFly - Factor 5's Long Lost Pilotwings Game for Wii

    Fly me to the moon

    Factor 5 enjoyed quite a unique relationship with Nintendo. Due to some bad fortune, we already know that the company had a complete Rogue Squadron game on the Wii that sadly never saw the light of day, and we previously reported on their plans for a new Pilotwings game on the same hardware. Now former Nintendo Life contributor...

Thursday31st Aug 2017

  • News Nintendo Ordered to Pay $10 Million Following Patent Lawsuit Loss

    Nintendo confirms intent to appeal

    The technology behind the Wii went through plenty of patent lawsuits with Nintendo winning the majority of reported cases, though a looming loss to Philips back in 2014 led to the signing of a global patent license agreement. That was related to motion technology in the Wii Remote, and now Nintendo has lost in an...

Tuesday8th Aug 2017

  • Random Mario Kart Wii's Abandoned Mission Mode is Uncovered at Last

    Deleted files found by familiar MK modder

    The busy nature of game development means that clues are often left behind in code, often pointing to assets or features that were changed or removed in the final game. Sometimes the clues can take a long time to uncover, as seems to have been the case with a Mission Mode in Mario Kart Wii. It was spotted...

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