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Friday15th Nov 2013

Wednesday13th Nov 2013

Friday8th Nov 2013

  • News Famitsu Reveals Japan's Best Selling Games Of The 21st Century

    New Super Mario Claims Top Spot

    Japanese video game publication Famitsu has just unveiled the top 100 Best Selling Video Games in Japan for the 21st Century (the period 1st January 2001 until 29th September 2013), and as expected Nintendo games feature heavily, with nine of the top ten games being for Nintendo platforms — seven of which are for...

Thursday7th Nov 2013

  • News Nintendo Releases Handy Wii U Comparison Chart

    Spot the difference

    Since its launch, consumers — and even some retailers — have had trouble differentiating between the Wii U and its older sibling, the Wii. In a move to help consumers clearly distinguish between the two consoles, Nintendo has distributed a comparison chart detailing the different features of the Wii U and the Wii. The chart...

Monday4th Nov 2013

Friday1st Nov 2013

  • News Super Mario Galaxy Is Eurogamer's Game of the Generation

    It's not a Golden Joystick, but it'll do

    Over the past 10 days or so, our friends over at Eurogamer have been charting the best games of the past generation - a feat that's easier said than done. Naturally, we kept an eye on proceedings, looking out for any Nintendo titles that might crop up. We watched blockbuster after blockbuster take the...

Thursday31st Oct 2013

  • News EA's Financial Figures Reveal Dismal Wii U Software Sales

    Wii not so great, either

    Although EA has received much criticism for its poor support of the Wii U in recent times, it appears to make sense to the video game giant from a business perspective. EA’s decision to abandon Nintendo’s current generation home console has been validated with its most recent financial figures, which reveal that just...

Monday28th Oct 2013

Thursday24th Oct 2013

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Monday21st Oct 2013

  • News Nintendo Japan Confirms an End to Wii Production

    Wii will miss it

    Not so long ago Nintendo Japan issued a statement to confirm that it was planning to bring Wii production to a close; this very much followed the manufacturing policy that had been taken with the GameCube to Wii transition. As we argued, however, Nintendo may be missing an opportunity by dropping the hugely successful system so...

Thursday17th Oct 2013

Tuesday15th Oct 2013

  • Feature Active Gaming is Here To Stay And is Helping People Get Fit

    Games like Wii Fit U can make a big difference to people's lives

    Many people in the world claim video games are partially to blame for rising obesity levels, with individuals disregarding physical exercise in favour of a round of Mario Kart or a bout of Call of Duty, but there are doctors and scientists out there who say playing active games such as...

Friday11th Oct 2013

Thursday10th Oct 2013

  • Parent Trap The Wii Is Still Crucial To Family Game Success

    Andy Robertson (not pictured) on why Nintendo's old console is still vital

    While core players slowly turn their attention to the next generation of consoles, families are still getting a lot of value from the Wii. Families don’t buy as many games for their gaming systems as other demographics — the long tail of family gaming habits means that...

Wednesday9th Oct 2013

  • Weirdness Beautiful Master Sword Replica Up for Auction

    Must pick up in Lost Woods

    Would you like a sword? All right, dumb question. If someone were just handing them out on the street, who wouldn’t take one? Let’s rephrase: are you looking for a nicely made replica of Link’s Master Sword? Because if you are (or just realized you need to be), it’d be hard to go wrong with this beauty currently...

  • News Yoshi's Cookie to Be Removed From European Wii Shop Channel

    Oh how the cookie crumbles

    Nintendo has updated the Wii Shop Channel with a new message stating that Yoshi's Cookie will be no longer available for sale as of 11th October. The surprise announcement doesn't provide any details as to why the NES game is being removed. It was originally developed by Bullet-Proof Software, with Nintendo acting as...

Tuesday8th Oct 2013

  • Soapbox Nintendo Could Have Ruled The Micro-Console Market With Wii

    Has Nintendo missed a trick by dropping the Wii so soon?

    In January Sony officially discontinued production of the PlayStation 2 console after selling an incredible 150 million systems over a 12 year period. Despite the unstoppable march of technology, Sony had managed to keep its best-selling console running — albeit in a much diminished capacity...

Monday7th Oct 2013

Sunday6th Oct 2013

Tuesday1st Oct 2013

  • News Mario and Luigi Wii Remote Plus Controllers Jumping to Stores

    Can you resist?

    We'd bet reasonable money that a good number of Wii gamers have multiple varieties of Wii Remotes, with plenty of colours and limited editions available over the years. Nintendo has now confirmed two new designs for the Holiday season to celebrate the most famous brothers in the industry. The Mario and Luigi designs, above, will...

  • News Nintendo Set To End Production of the Wii

    Wii don't want to hear any more

    Update: Nintendo of Europe has provided a statement to Eurogamer regarding this news. Yes, NCL did update their website on 29th August with a small notice to state that Wii hardware production will stop in the near future. This specific message was referring to the Japanese market. No specific time frame has been...

Wednesday25th Sep 2013

  • News Splinter Cell Blacklist Homeland DLC Available Now on Wii U

    Missions, weapons and gear included

    Splinter Cell Blacklist is Ubisoft's latest entry in one of its most popular franchises, blending its recent focus on action with the option — should you prefer — of reverting back to the classic sneaking for which the series is renowned. As is standard for any high-profile triple-A title, there's optional...

  • News Lifetime Sales for the 3DS Have Now Surpassed the Wii in Japan


    It's a weekly theme here at Nintendo Life that we report the ups and downs in the Japanese software and hardware charts, yet in the case of the 3DS it's often almost exclusively ups. It tops the hardware results almost every week, occasionally outselling all other system combined, and has a reliable set of ever-green titles in the software...

Monday23rd Sep 2013