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  • News Nintendo Finalises Wii Patent Win Over UltimatePointer

    "Nintendo will vigorously defend itself" and so on...

    We think it's fair to say that a decent percentage of patent claims filed in the US could best be described as being in 'bad faith'. Though Nintendo has lost a small number of notable cases, being forced into payments or shared royalties, it wins the majority of patent cases launched against its...

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  • Video Collecting Every Wii Game Is Difficult, But This Guy Did It Anyway

    1260 games later

    The Wii is one of the most successful games consoles of all time with over 100 million consoles sold - and counting. As ever, commercial triumph goes hand-in-hand with loads of software, and the Wii has been blessed with 1260 games to date, not all of them good. You might assume that collecting all of these games would be a foolish...

Friday22nd Jan 2016

  • Video Sonic Colours Has Some of the Coolest Glitches

    Blurring the lines

    We know the popular narrative for some is to say that Sonic's been in a rut and had a bad run of games, but recent years have brought some solid entries. Sonic Colours / Sonic Colors certainly qualifies as one of the better releases in the past couple of generations, blending 2D and 3D play with some neat twists and power-ups. In...

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    Review Trauma Team

    Trauma Drama

    Back in the early days of the Nintendo DS, Trauma Center: Under the Knife was a standout example of how the then-new touch screen controls could provide a fresh experience on the go. Atlus would then take its anime-pumped surgery games to the Wii, translating touch controls to motion controls, and found a winning combination there as...

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  • Feature There and Back Again - A Xenoblade Tale

    How Monolith Soft’s Magnum Opus brought Gonçalo Lopes back to JRPGs

    In this article Gonçalo Lopes, better known to many as music composer and arranger Shiryu, talks about the lasting impact that Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii has had on his gaming life. Being a European PAL gamer in the early '90s was pretty cool. Yet being a well-informed...

Wednesday11th Nov 2015

  • Music Have a Listen to the Rodea the Sky Soldier Soundtrack

    Soaring high

    Rodea the Sky Soldier is out now in North America and is imminent in Europe, and is a title that's been years in the making. It had a sticky route to release, yet for some eager followers that'll matter little - especially as it's a Nintendo exclusive and the original work of Yuki Naka. Although it has shortcomings we gave it a...

Sunday8th Nov 2015

  • News Beenox Won't Be Working on Spider-Man Games Anymore

    Moving on to greener pastures

    As some of you may be aware, Beenox has more or less been the studio responsible for the Spider-Man video games for the past several years. Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, Spider-Man: Edge of Time, and both of The Amazing Spider-Man games all came from this studio, which is a rather impressive feat given how quickly...

Friday6th Nov 2015

  • Video A Wii Wave Race Project Got Far Enough to Have Its Own Patents

    Ultimately turned down by Kyoto management

    When we consider long-abandoned Nintendo franchises we'd like to see again, there's always a chance - if it's a top 10 - that Wave Race will come up within such lists. Those with fond memories of the Nintendo 64 may reminisce over its entry, even if the Game Boy original passed many by, while its last...

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