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System Flaw Recruit Review

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Posted by James Newton

Seriously flawed

Essentially a first-person Space Invaders, System Flaw Recruit uses the DSi’s external camera in a crude form of augmented reality. The bottom screen displays a radar showing enemies in your proximity, and the top screen lets you line up the targets with your reticule. When the alien craft get within a certain range they attack, with a damage indicator showing you which way to turn to return fire. If it sounds simplistic, that’s because it is.

Easing you into the game with a three-level Training mode, you learn the basics of shooting aliens and power-ups before moving onto Competition, a two-minute survival mode that scores you on your performance. That’s it: there’s no lengthier single-player mode, no challenges and overall very little content.

With too few power-ups and no discernible difference in the enemy craft, gameplay is essentially you spinning around in real life to line up your camera with the image on screen. The software seems to have difficulty offering the necessary precision when playing against a constant-coloured backdrop however, making nailing the aliens a frustratingly inexact science: too often you’ll have to wave your DSi around like a loon in order to reach certain enemies.

Understandably, the graphics are mostly dependent on the surfaces you point your DSi at, but the enemy sprites are brightly drawn, scale nicely and stand out well from your backdrop. The audio side amounts to a few sound effects, with the humming that indicates your DSi is detecting movement being both useful and irritating at the same time.


Sadly, System Flaw Recruit is too simplistic and too content-light to be worth a recommendation. Even if the camera detection worked flawlessly – which, sadly, it doesn’t seem to – this might be worth a play if it offered more than just three training levels and a score attack mode. As it stands, there’s no real incentive to buy this as its central gimmick wears off too quickly and all that’s left is you, spinning around endlessly, zapping imaginary aliens.

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Karakato said:

Hmm... well thi reinforces my decision not to get this when it comes to the shop. Too bad, the Idea of portable shooting interests me. Anyway, Great review James.



Sean_Aaron said:

Interestingly there's a similar game included in the Katamuction mini-game collection in the Japanese DSiWare shop and that works really well, plus it has two additional variations and you get an additional three games for the same price!

Nice review James!



EdEN said:

If it was 200 points it might be good for the 20 minutes of play it will provide but at 500 it's reaaally pushing it.



ToastyYogurt said:

This is the third game that relies on the DSi Cameras to play, and it failed like the last two. Just goes to show you the cameras weren't meant for playing games with.



KrazyKain said:

actually there is more levels then 3, theres the 3 training, then one level for each enemy type, then 2 exams.. maybe more but i'm stuck on the second exam.. in the end tho, i got bored.. its a great novelty, but the novelty wears off



StarDust4Ever said:

I knew from the get-go that motion-sensing using the camera was a bad idea. That'd be just as bad as relying on the Wiimote motion sensor to point at the screen, or using the sensor bar to detect lateral movement. Rubbish



Leaf said:

At least the Wii has the motion plus to help, this however is just horrible =/



Ovi said:

It would have been better if they added more content to it, like a story mode or something, I'm dissapointed. I want to see a good dsiware which uses the camera nicely, and has enough to last you.



hulklol123456789 said:

Its seems to me something boring, ok the camera factor is interesting but the type of game is like something boring, just killing them isn't much fun we can say, the point of moving the camera throught all the room is not a good idea at all.



Kyloctopus said:

I bought the game and I have to say that most of you people are wrong. This game does make you look weird in public, but the graffix are awesome and so is the sound. There is literally action in every turn. The only thing I think they should put in it is a flaw ensyclopedia



Zelda42 said:

This is a really awesome game. Not kidding. It is tiring moving around everywhere, but it is worth it. It is also hard.

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