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  • Video Ever Wondered What An 8-Bit Ni no Kuni Would Look Like?

    New trailer gives Level-5's JRPG a retro makeover

    With software coming thick and fast to Switch these days, it's never been easier for a game - even a damn fine one - to get lost in the crowd. Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch released on Switch way back on 20th September, but we wouldn't be surprised if it passed you by in the rush of great...

  • News Cripes, That SNES PlayStation Prototype Is Up For Sale Now

    Time to remortgage the house, then

    A few years back, a pretty incredible event occurred: a SNES PlayStation prototype was discovered in the wild. Owned by Terry Diebold (and discovered by his son in a box of junk that was about to be thrown out) the unit is the only known example outside of Sony's archives and dates back to the time when

Monday30th Sep 2019

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  • Poll Box Art Brawl #10 - GoldenEye 007

    You can never unsee it

    Welcome, one and all, to Box Art Brawl! We’ve reached the tenth round in the series where we present a bunch of box art variants and then put it to you lovely people to see which one prevails in the ensuing bout. In an effort to showcase some of the dross that will never make it to this hallowed arena, we took a midweek look...

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  • News Just How Much Can Your Sealed Retro Games Sell For?

    UK research uncovers some shocking prices

    If you're a passionate collector of retro games, and particularly of retro Nintendo games, you'll probably be painfully aware of just how costly old sealed copies can be. It isn't unusual to see sealed NES and SNES games be listed for hundreds of pounds, whether potential buyers are willing to spend quite...

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  • Poll Box Art Brawl #8 - Metal Gear

    Not yet on Solids

    Welcome to the eighth round of Box Art Brawl, the series where we throw a trio of regional retro box arts into a weapon-filled pit to see which one scrambles out victorious, though covered in blood and spittle. This chap looks familiar... Last time we saw three Star Foxes dogfighting over Corneria and a week later we can confirm...

Saturday14th Sep 2019

  • Feature Best GameCube Games

    As ranked by you lovely people

    The Nintendo GameCube is eighteen years old today! In honour of reaching this prestigious milestone (which now enables it to enter pubs and watch a whole range of naughty movies in the UK), we asked Nintendo Life readers to score their favourite GameCube games. The results have now been assembled into the list of 50...

  • Hardware Classics Nintendo GameCube

    Indigo, Spice and all things nice

    To celebrate its 18th birthday, we take a look back at Nintendo’s little box of tricks... In many ways, the GameCube was a console out of time, arguably arriving too late (or perhaps too early) to realise its true potential. We can look back now and appreciate its quirks, admire its design and excellent software...

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  • Poll Box Art Brawl #7 - Star Fox

    Barrel roll with the punches

    Oh, hello there! We were so involved with the freshly released Super NES games on Switch we almost forgot about the big bout. Of course it's time for Box Art Brawl, the weekly showdown where three regional retro boxes battle to find out which was the fairest of them all. Last week Mega Man 3 gave itself a sound...

Saturday7th Sep 2019

  • Feature 30 Weird And Wonderful Peripherals From Nintendo's History

    Playing with power... and a whole lotta plastic

    Nintendo’s history as a manufacturer of playing cards and toys means the company has always been very comfortable with expanding out from with video game console under the TV into the wider world of peripheral accessories and novelties. These extra lumps of plastic and electronics that interface with...

  • Reminder Rate Your Favourite GameCube Games

    The Dolphin turns 18 in September, and we need your help

    Update: Thanks to everyone who's rated their favourites so far. This is just a wee reminder if you missed this last week. Remember, you're scoring games - as many as you like - out of 10, not picking a top 10. Very good. Carry on! The Nintendo GameCube launched in Japan in September 2001 and...