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  • Feature How One Magazine Told The World About Pokémon

    "This felt like real magic"

    Paul Davies is a game design consultant, editorial manager and writer who has been working in the UK games industry since the early '90s. During his career, he has edited best-selling publications such as Nintendo Magazine System and Computer & Video Games, and has contributed to countless other sites and magazines...

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  • Hardware Classics Sega Mega Drive

    The genesis of Sega's superstardom

    To mark the 30th birthday of Sega's 16-bit system, we thought you might like to reacquaint yourselves with this feature, which was originally published back in March 2013. It's fitting that the first non-Nintendo entry in our Hardware Classics series should be the Sega Mega Drive. This sleek 16-bit powerhouse...

Thursday25th Oct 2018

  • Video This Personal Video Game Collection Is The Greatest Of All-Time

    A world record holder

    If you're a fan of video game history, it might be worth checking out the above video posted by Australian super-collector Joel "Last Gamer" Hopkins. He's got an entire house dedicated to games - with a total of five rooms covering every aspect of his beloved hobby. We previously posted about this world record holder last year...

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  • Video The Nintendo 64 Classic Mini "Leak" is Completely Fake

    "I would bet money that this isn't real"

    If you keep up to date with the latest happenings in the world of Nintendo, you might have seen a few photos doing the rounds over the weekend of a supposed Nintendo 64 Classic Mini. It's the device that is expected to succeed the incredibly popular mini versions of the NES and Super Nintendo. After a closer...