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  • News Three New Collections Announced For Upcoming Retro Handheld Evercade

    Namco are on board, plus new carts from Interplay and Atari

    The makers of the Evercade, an upcoming handheld console that connects to your TV and plays collections of retro games which come on cartridges, have announced three new carts, each containing a fresh selection. The biggest news is that there's a new publisher on the platform in the form...

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  • News Soko Banana Is A Brand New Game Being Developed For The NES

    Yes, for the actual NES hardware

    Almost every day, we see waves of online users replying to game reveals with something along the lines of "yeah, but is it coming to Switch", desperate for another game on their platform of choice. Isn't it about time we started asking new questions instead of simply port-begging for more games on Nintendo's newest...

  • Random The Captivating Mystery Of Pilotwings’ Crashing Plane

    And what it means for the art of emulation

    These days, we’re used to games evolving over time; developers add content, patch out bugs and generally tinker with their creations for months (if not years) after their publication, subtly re-shaping them into a form which often differs quite wildly from the initial release. Even though this practice...

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  • Feature What It’s Like To Run An Online Game Store In Japan

    “You could buy a car with this kind of money”

    While a great many of the world’s best games come from western developers, for a certain sector of the gaming world, Japan is where it’s at. Not only is it the home of Nintendo, Sony, Sega and Capcom – as well as numerous other key players in the industry – but in the ‘80s and ‘90s it was...