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  • Rumour Was Monster Games Working On A Sequel To Diddy Kong Racing?

    Even in 2018, the rumour persists

    Diddy Kong Racing remains one of the most beloved kart racers of all time - no mean feat considering it shared a platform with Mario Kart 64 - so there's always been rumours and unfounded whispers that the title has a long-gestating sequel in development. One of the most infamous has only just come to our attention...

Thursday28th Jun 2018

  • News New Trademarks Suggest Nintendo Has GameCube On The Brain

    GameCube Mini, anyone?

    Ah, the humble trademark. Few things get the brain buzzing as fast as a company registering a name or title linked to your favourite game or console. Of course, when it's tied to the GameCube - a console that's very much back in vogue thanks to the arrival of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in December and the announcement that GC...