While many Nintendo fans are no doubt focusing on the upcoming excitement around E3 and Super Mario Maker 2 coming at the end of June, just one month after that we'll be getting our hands on the next entry the Fire Emblem series, too. A cracking summer, we're sure you'll agree.

The most recent issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu is jam-packed with new info regarding the ins and outs of Fire Emblem: Three Houses and these details are now online. There's a huge amount of information to digest including details on characters, classes and a whole lot more. For those who have missed the basic set-up, the game takes place at an academy with you taking the role of a new teacher instructing students in the ways of battle, chivalry and how to carry oversized weapons without looking like a clot.

Perhaps most interestingly, more details about new gameplay systems have emerged. It seems that once you have reached the requisite 'teaching level' at the academy, you can assign an 'adjutant' to specific units. As your level increases, so does the number of units that can accept a helping hand. In battle this gives you the advantage of always performing Joint Attacks, as well as giving additional perks and effects.

Just as in previous games, building relationships and fighting together will improve your unit's effectiveness over time, tying combat and narrative together in a similar way to how the brilliant Fire Emblem: Awakening did on 3DS.

Also detailed are 'gimmicks', new map features you'll have to take into account during battle. These include environmental constructs such as drawbridges and using them correctly could make the difference between a stunning win or a catastrophic defeat. After all, it's hard for an advancing army to give you a beating if you've pulled up the drawbridge from the other side.

Weekend activities also figure in the game when you're not studying. These include strolling, cooking, tending plants and crops in the greenhouse and fishing.

The Japanese Fire Emblem Twitter account is also regularly tweeting screenshots and short videos highlighting characters such as Ashe:

There's more - a lot more - information to dive into if you're interested, including full breakdowns and over 100 screenshots, so be sure to check out Famitsu and the translation at Perfectly Nintendo for every last scrap of info on the upcoming game. It's out in less than two months on 26th July, and we can't wait.

Lots to look forward to this summer! Are you a Fire Emblem fan looking forward to this entry? Are you getting a Harry Potter / Game of Thrones vibe from the school and house banners? Share your thoughts below.

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