The black-and-white art you can see in the trailer above and screenshots below is coming to Switch this Friday 3rd May in Bird Game +. Described by the developer Bryan Tabor as a 'sweet fly 'em game', you control the aforementioned bird as it glides through an illustrated world that comes to life as you fly.

Apparently a 'difficult yet relaxing adventure', you'll be avoiding enemies and obstacles and taking on bosses at the end of each of the game's three handcrafted levels. Other features include an endless mode, leaderboards and various secrets and challenges.

There seems to have been a spate of avian-based games in recent years - we're desperately waiting to get our hands on Untitled Goose Game after it slipped to later in 2019. Perhaps this will be a good substitute to keep us occupied while we await the nameless goose. Regardless of quality or success, it seems that developers of bird-based games struggle to come up with decent titles. Angry Birds, Flappy Bird... the list goes on.

Bird Game + is priced at €4.99 / $4.99, so while three levels doesn't sound like much, it could be a relaxing little tonic between the bigger, heavier games vying for your playtime.

Are you game for a relaxing little illustrated indie game? Can you think of any bird-based games with titles that aren't rubbish? Share your thoughts on this avian art style below.