An in-store promotional flyer has revealed hitherto unconfirmed features for the upcoming Super Mario Maker 2, which launches on Nintendo Switch this year.

The flyer shows multicoloured pipes, Charvaarghs and Meowser, although it's quite hard to make out some of those details on the photo provided.


And here's a zoomed-in shot of the screenshots:


Meowser is basically what happens when Bowser swallows the Cat Bell power-up – we've already seen that Bullet Bill with cat ears in other promotional material for the game.

Elsewhere, we've got a new jungle-themed stage for Super Mario Bros. (as well as Snake Blocks and Big Mario), ice blocks and icicles for Super Mario 3D World and multicoloured pipes for Super Mario World. Regarding the latter, we've seen green and red pipes already, but never blue and yellow. Banzai Bills also return in Super Mario World.

What do you make of these new details? And is Meowser going to be the cutest thing ever? Let us know with a comment.