Japanese publisher Ninja Games Japan is set to release Snow Battle Princess Sayuki on Nintendo Switch this week.

The game tasks players with help Sayuki, a snow princess, to break an evil curse set upon her loved one by finding eight items scattered across eight lands. The journey will take you across Blizzard Mountain, Monsters Castle, and Hells Valley where you'll encounter mysterious yokai monsters including mummies, witches, comical ghost lanterns, and more.

You can use Sayuki's ability to control water to fight off the swarms of monsters with her icicle blast attack, collecting a variety of crystals to change and power up available shots such as 'rapid', 'three-way', and 'homing'. You'll really need these different options, too, as giant boss yokai appear at the end of each of the game's levels.

You can play through the game in single-player or join up with a friend who can take on the role of Sayuki's sister, Koyuki. Collecting snow fairies hidden across each land will also unlock a Boss Attack mode which can be played alone or in multiplayer.

Snow Battle Princess Sayuki launches on 28th March, with pricing set at $15.00 / 14.99€ / £13.49. If you pre-order the game from the eShop before that date, however, you can get a rather lovely 50% off.

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