Mega Mall Story Img

Japanese developer Kairosoft continues to release its small-sized but highly addictive simulation games on the Switch eShop.

Starting out with Game Dev Story, Hot Springs Story and Dungeon Village in October, followed by Venture Towns towards the end of last year, Mega Mall Story will now arrive locally on 17th January.

In this title, your job is to design a towering mall of mega proportions while attracting droves of customers and elevating your mall's status to five-stars. You'll be able to add in fast food joints, stairs and elevators. As your establishment becomes increasingly popular you can invest in the surrounding areas to bring in even more customers.

To celebrate this upcoming release, Kairosoft released the following trailer via its Twitter account:

Have you played any of the Kairosoft games on the Switch so far? Will you be adding Mega Mall Story to your digital library? Tell us below.

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