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Gamer, nerd, dork.

Male, 33, United States

Nintendo loyalist, but not a fanatic. Lol. I love all things games, and electronics. The nerdier the better!

Tue 27th Nov 2012

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Dm9982 commented on Hundreds of Limited Edition Majora's Mask New ...:

I dunno if it'll help, but I just wrote a complaint to Nintendo on this bs scalping going on on eBay. I'm not a lawyer, so I don't know if there's legal precedent here, but it's illegal to scalp tickets to shows, sports, etc.... I honestly don't see how this is any different. Either way, letters from fans/consumers couldn't hurt.



Dm9982 commented on Ubisoft Confident Its Titles Will Attract Game...:

Truthfully, I won't be adopting the next Xbox or Ps4 at launch. I learned my lesson last gen with all my systems, except the Wii, overheating and failing. So I'll just stick with Wii U and 3DS for now. As for Ubisoft, I applaud them for having faith in Nintendo, and will most likely buy Watch_Dogs, Rayman, and AC4 this fall on the Wii U. I'll support any third party that supports my favorite game company.