GC Adapter

A Nintendo fan who we're guessing is eagerly anticipating the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in December has 3D printed their very own custom GameCube controller adapter. It's been designed for the eight-player mode which first appeared in the Wii U and 3DS entries. If you thought it was just two separate adapters inside the case of a bigger one, think again.

Over on Imgur, the creator known as 10000ukuleles explains how they took the components from two official Nintendo Wii U-GameCube controller adapters and a powered USB hub, and then secured it all inside the interior of the 3D printed case. The end product is a device that only requires a single USB port but also takes up a spot on your power board. It's also got Nintendo's trademark logo on the top of it. The creator went to the extent of documenting each step and has also uploaded the schematics and files, so others can recreate this unique accessory. Take a look below:


Would an eight-port GameCube controller adapter be of interest to you, or are you satisfied with the official four-port version?

[via gonintendo.com]