Super Chariot

One of the better co-op games to grace the Wii U was that of Chariot, a bizarre platformer that saw you playing as a princess and her fiancé as they lug her father’s corpse through a cave system. The colorful graphics and enjoyable gameplay were definitely highlights, and naturally the co-op focus of the game seemed to make it a perfect fit for the Switch. Evidently, the developers were aware of this, as Super Chariot is now on the way to the platform.

Though it sounds like a sequel, Super Chariot is an enhanced re-release of Chariot, with the Royal Gadget Pack DLC included. The included DLC adds in another playable character and a slew of new items, and though it might not be that much extra content, it’s more than enough reason to justify picking this one up for the Switch. No release date has been given yet, but expect to see this one before the end of the year.

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