Nintendo has, slowly and surely, released a small number of varied mobile titles utilising some of its biggest franchises. Progress hasn't been as rapid as initially expected, however, especially in the case of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, which was originally due in Fall / Autumn 2016.

The arrival of Super Mario Run and then Fire Emblem Heroes explained part of the delay, but Pocket Camp still took a little longer than expected to arrive this year. Nintendo did say in early 2017 that it was working to get the game right, and now Liam Robertson has shared his understanding of the protracted path to release. It seems that an initial and simplistic town building concept was eventually dropped, causing the project to restart and eventually become the game we now have sitting on our phones.

Based on what's said here we'd suggest Nintendo made the right call. Pocket Camp isn't the most complex game in the world, but does a good job of keeping players interested while also portraying that Animal Crossing charm. The wait, it seems, was worth it.