A new shiny Pokémon has been made available in Pokémon GO for all Japan-based players. After last week's Pikachu Outbreak event, Niantic has begun to roll out Shiny Pikachu in the wild. This is not the first time a shiny Pokémon has been added to the game after shiny (gold) Magikarp began appearing - which in turn evolved into shiny Gyrados (red).

The Silph Road tweeted out an image of everyone's favourite electric mouse, which shows Pikachu looking nearly identical to the normal kind apart from having a slightly darker fur. Raichu also can be obtained by evolving the Pikachu, with again a moderately darker colour. 

Many types of Pikachu have been made available worldwide for certain periods of time, with the most recent sporting an Ash Ketchup hat. Other types have included a santa hat and party style hat during specific festive periods. 

Would you like to see more shiny Pokémon appearing in GO?

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