If you're pushing 40 with a marriage, two kids and a mortgage under your rapidly-increasing belt then chances are you remember ToeJam & Earl the first time around. These two hip-hopping aliens took the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis by a storm back in the early '90s and were lucky enough to feature in a couple of sequels (one of which was Xbox exclusive) before slowly vanishing from view, along with Bermuda shorts, bum-bags (fanny packs, if you're in the US) and the mullet.

However, that all changed last year with the arrival of a Kickstarter campaign for a fourth title in the series, fittingly named ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove. Just over $500,000 was raised which unfortunately meant that console-based stretch goals weren't met, but the game was nevertheless confirmed for the Nintendo Switch during the recent Nindies Direct broadcast.

Developed by HumaNature Studios - the company set up by series creator Greg Johnson - and published by Adult Swim Games, ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove got an airing at the recent PAX East event, and it's all looking pretty great. The sequel reverts to the top-down perspective of the 1991 original, and hasn't lost any of that funky charm that has made these characters so beloved of 30-something gamers who refuse to grow up and still choose to yearn longingly for the good old days.

If you're such a person - or you simply like the look of the game - then let us know with a comment below.