Switch Parental Controls.jpg

One interesting thing Nintendo is doing with the Switch is utilising smart device apps for features typically found directly on consoles. The most intriguing example is with online lobbies and chat, of course, though that isn't due to roll-out at launch.

With the system just hours away from midnight launches, however, the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app has started to arrive - it's easily accessible on Google Play here in the UK, though seemingly appeared and disappeared from the App Store - it'll likely go live formally with some announcements from Nintendo later today.

We've downloaded it on Android and, well, it actually works. And quickly, too.

When you boot up the app you need to sign into your Nintendo Account, and the app then tells you to prepare your Switch, providing a registration code and very clear instructions. Once you pop the code into the relevant Switch menu they connect remarkably quickly; that's it, you're good to go.

Though some parental controls are available directly on the system, the app is clearly designed for more dynamic and detailed access for parents, and using their phone should make the process nice and easy.

We'll test it more fully shortly, but if you're a parent picking up a Switch tomorrow it's worth keeping an eye out on your mobile store of choice.