The day is finally here! The third day of March, 2017. The day the world can finally line up and purchase Nintendo's seventh home video game hardware iteration. I've actually been around for all of them and specifically I've been living in Japan since the Game Boy Advance days, so I've seen a lot come and go. The release of a big game - like Super Mario Maker or any Dragon Quest - is a big deal, but when hardware gets released, even in small iterations like the myriad 3DS models out there, it gets really exciting.

Its already been reported in great detail about all the pre-launch preparations in Japan and around the world, now all that's left is to see how many consumers show up and how many pre-orders get filled.

You often hear stories about the long queues in the old days for Dragon Quest, where kids would skip school and so on, but things have changed in recent years. First, Amazon and other online retailers now offer same day delivery. Convenience stores sell games now as well, and pre-ordering is now the way to snatch up something on release day. If there are any units beyond the those reserved, then it's a free-for-all.

Regardless of how you get one though, each time zone around the world - starting in Japan - will start opening and playing the Switch today. If you preordered one, congrats and happy launch day. If you missed out, or if you did actually preorder but can't wait a few more hours, then please check out my video below. It covers the long road from the N64 to today, the fun of past console launches and a look at the Japanese version of Switch hardware and games.

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