Capcom has brought some fantastic Ace Attorney titles to the West as eShop releases, but so far the spin-off The Great Ace Attorney hasn't followed - there have only been vague and unlikely teases on that front. While we wait, though, The Great Ace Attorney 2 - subtitled 'Ryunosuke Naruhodo's Resolution' - is most definitely on the way in Capcom's homeland.

Announced last year, there's now been an updated trailer that confirms the obvious - that it'll be heading to the 3DS. It doesn't give a final release date or window, with the trailer really being produced to tie-in and celebrate the IP's 15th Anniversary celebrations.

Check it out below, in which we see the return of Sherlock Holmes in a starring role.

Do you still hope to see the first Great Ace Attorney in the West, or do you think these titles are destined to remain as Japan-only releases?