SteamWorld Heist

A few days ago, it was revealed that Steamworld Heist will be releasing on 10th December, a little less than a week from now. Those who buy it before the end of the year will receive a discounted price and 3DS buyers will have the added bonus of a home screen theme that will become unavailable once 2016 begins. In order to build hype in the final week before release, Image & Form put out a short video explaining the basics of the game.

Essentially, heists are a combination of turn based and more active combat, all taking place on a 2D plane. Sticking to cover is an absolute must, and players are allowed to either move the character far or exchange a bit of walking distance in order to get a shot in on the same turn. Additionally, shooting is directly controlled by the player, and shots can be ricocheted off of walls in order to hit enemies that are otherwise out of reach. Check it out:

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